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Monday 20 October, 2014  
  Peanut Scale Models.

Beautifully finished 25 grams AUW peanut scale models.

Piper cub, Fokker DVII, BleriotXI among many others.


Micro Size Motors.

4.0 grams Brushless Motors, 2.0 grams pager type. GWS LPS Units also avalable...

M. I. - Fokker D VII

This is and incledibly well built peanut scale airplane - 33cm WS.

Free Plans!

Build RC Planes at a lower cost...


Actuators and Servos.

1.1 gram digital proportional magnetic servos, 2.5 grams standard micro servos, 0.4 grams actuators.

Live Video Gallery
  Micro FM Receivers.

Micro size FM receivers weighting less than 1.0 gram.Standard 4.0 grams receivers also available.

Some Experiments

Balsa and Carbon Rods

Tiger Moth...

New Free RC Plans website.

  Video - Peanut Scale Bleriot XI
  Video - Peanut Scale Extra300!
  Video - Peanut Scale Piper CUB

Micro Lithium Batteries.

50mA and up lithium batteries. Chargers and plugs for small and regular size cells.


Share and Download Thousands of R/C Free Plans!!

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  Video - Mini Scale Bipe20"
  Video - Built in 3 minutes!!
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