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Chai-19 model airplane plan
13.8 in. / 35 cm Airplane Sport

Chai-19 Type Model FF Sport. Wingspan 35cm Lowwing. Engine Rubber. Designer Zdenek Raska. Magazine Modelar May 1987 More info here

Stinson SR-9 Reliant 1-4 scale model airplane plan
 677 125 in. / 317.5 cm Airplane Civilian

Stinson SR-9 Reliant 1/4 scale by Dick Barron. A real beauty drawn out on 6 sheets including formers and ribs. This is a fairly difficult model to find. Scratch builders will want to have several...

Judy model airplane plan
 18 46 in. / 116.8 cm Sailplane Sport

R.F.L. Gosling designed Judy as a competitive free flight glider, towline-launched that did quite well in late 1930s contests. The 46" span model features elliptical flying surfaces and a...

Junior Miss model airplane plan
 19 16 in. / 40.6 cm Airplane Sport

Ralph Tekel designed Junior Miss for a beginner builder and flier, a rubber powered sport free flight design. The attached construction article is quite detailed with helpful building notes. A...

3D Printed Kits High Quality 3D Printed Kits

The latest in model airplane design and construction.

QTrainer model airplane plan
 1317 51.2 in. / 130 cm Airplane Electric-Powered Trainer

QB20 inspired trainer. Or a very close copy :) This is a spectacular model that will fly well and resist the hardest landings from a beginner pilot. It can be printed on one single colour or in a...

Cessna 152 model airplane plan
 783 61.4 in. / 156 cm Airplane Electric-Powered Civilian

3d Printed Cessna 152 Kit Includes a mod (an extra part) to allow you to fix the motor from the back side so it does not gets too hot and also includes an extra cowl that instead of the motor fixing...

Spitfire MK IX model airplane plan
 929 66.9 in. / 170 cm Airplane Electric-Powered Fighter

3D Printed 1.7 meter/67in span Spitfire MK IX This Spitfire MK IX is a work of art and an engineering marvel... And it flies so well. I thought that after seeing the Mig-15 I had seen it all but...

P51-D MUSTANG model airplane plan
 818 39 in. / 99 cm Airplane Electric-Powered Fighter

3D Printed P51-D MUSTANG This plane has two possible front sections, the one you see in the images above and one with the inner structure pulled back about 2.5cm. This second front section allows...

Radio Control All R/C Model Airplane Plans

16 Remote Control Model Airplane Plans.

Random selection of all RC Model Airplanes class.
This is a randomly created selection of the latest model aircraft plans and blueprints.

Half Wave model airplane plan
 50 36 in. / 91.4 cm Airplane Diesel-Powered Sport

New England's modeling legend Harvey Thomasian designed the Half Wave in 1954, a rudder-only sport aircraft spanning 36" and designed for a 1/2A engine - a McCoy 049 diesel is shown on the...

Paddys Pig model airplane plan
 56 48 in. / 121.9 cm Airplane Glow-Powered Sport

No description yet.

Ultra-Fly model airplane plan
 984 90.9 in. / 231 cm Glider Electric-Powered Thermal

The Graupner Ultra Fly is a 92 inch span electric powered glider. The wing can be built with straight dihedral or with polyhedral.

ET-20 Bob Martin 50in model airplane plan
 349 50 in. / 127 cm Airplane Glow-Powered Trainer

No description yet.

Control Line All CL Model Airplane Plans

16 Control Line Sport, Scale, Vintage Model Airplane Plans plans.

Random selection of all CL Plans
This is a randomly created selection of all the Control Line model plans.

Lady Luck model airplane plan
 59 Airplane Glow-Powered Sport

This is a control line non scale, pure model sport airplane designed to be flown outdoors, designed by Paul Del Gatto, published in the 1962 Model Airplane News Annual. This would make a nice model...

Loening NA-3-MAN-05-48 model airplane plan
 30 Airplane Diesel-Powered Observation

This is a control line semi-scale observation airplane designed to be flown outdoor. Designed by Walter A Musciano, you will need some experience to build a model from this plan as it is not well...

FMA IA-58 Pucara model airplane plan
 285 32 in. / 81.3 cm Airplane Glow-Powered Multirole

The Pucara is an Argentine ground-attack and counter-insurgency aircraft, an all-metal two person military aircraft with twin engine turboprop engines and a high-mounted "T" horizontal...

Saab 18A model airplane plan
 184 40 in. / 101.6 cm Airplane Diesel-Powered Bomber

The SAAB 18 was a twin-engine bomber and reconnaissance aircraft, designed and built for use by the Swedish Air Force by Svenska Aeroplan AB (SAAB) in response to a 1938 design competition. Due to...

Free Flight All FF Model Airplane Plans

16 Free Flight, Antique, Vintage Model Airplane Plans.

Random selection of all FF class.
This is a randomly created selection of all the Free Flight model plans.

Marauder model airplane plan
 25 65 in. / 165.1 cm Glider Sport

No description yet.

Mentor 3 model airplane plan
 48 45.7 in. / 116 cm Glider Not-Powered Sport

This is a free flight non scale, pure model sport glider designed to be flown outdoors, the plan is from the Netherlands and the notes on the plan are not in English and will therefore need to be...

Guillow Fighter F 58 model airplane plan
 78 16 in. / 40.6 cm Airplane Rubber-Band-Powered Sport

Paul Guillow designed and kitted this rubber-powered, 16" span sport free flight model in the late 1930s. Decidedly "old school", the model would be easy enough to build and to save...

Douglas A-4 Skyhawk model airplane plan
 357 17 in. / 43.2 cm Airplane Not-Powered Fighter

Douglas Aircraft's Ed Heinemann designed the A-4 Skyhawk, a small and lightweight single-seater carrier-based fighter aircraft. "Heinemann's Hot-Rod", one nickname the plane picked up,...

Boats RC Boat Plans

12 Remote Controlled Model Boats

RC Motor Boats.
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Xenie model airplane plan
 930 Boat Electric-Powered

Xenie. Type Model RC Semi Scale Civil. Length 19in. Beam 7in. Engine Electric. Control 2 channels. Designer Jan Horak. Magazine Modelar 1983. More info here...

Labe model airplane plan
 223 Boat Electric-Powered Civilian

Labe Type Model RC Scale Boat. Length 50cm Beam 11cm Engine Electric. Control 2 channels. Designer Jan Horak. Magazine Modelar February 1982 More info here...

Slipper model airplane plan
 315 Boat Glow-Powered Racing

Slipper Type Model RC Sport Racer Boat. Length 57cm Beam 25cm Engine Glow 2.5 - 3.5cc Control 2 channels. Designer G.E Cambell. Magazine Modelar Mar.1975 More info here...

MONTEREY 522 model airplane plan
 610 Boat Electric-Powered

A NICE CHOICE FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT ~Shipping & Handling~ This boat was built at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco and was given the nickname “Monterey”. The immigrant Italian or Sicilian...

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Plan: Leaderhlsat on 21/07/2018 07:18
Plan Page 2
[quote name='Steamfire' id='1821' timestamp='20/07/2018 15:24']where can i become the full plan , that is only 1 of 2 and i miss drawing from ribs[/quote]

Done correction.
Plan: LeaderSteamfire on 20/07/2018 15:24
Plan Page 2
where can i become the full plan , that is only 1 of 2 and i miss drawing from ribs
Plan: Doug's TrainerDMorrisPE on 19/07/2018 19:22
Reply: First Flight
A little nose-heavy is not a bad thing - I use 3S 450mAh LiPo, which would be just a couple grams lighter. This plane, like most others, does not fly well when tail heavy!

The tail wheel has not been a problem for me, but I don't make long takeoff rolls and I fly from a grass field , so maybe there is a different drag factor in play. A swiveling tailwheel with a "tiller" bar attached to the rudder might be of use.

Dual rates for controls: I use 50% for Low and 100% for High and full-throw is 3/8" for all surfaces. I thought that was on the plans, but a quick review shows it is not. My apologies. The rudder and elevator surfaces are rather large and were intended to have "authority" at low speeds (half throttle or less). Flying at full throttle can be a little twitchy for a beginner with full throw on High rate. But the motor size was designed to have excess power in case the plane was built "heavy", and to be semi-aerobatic as your skills progress.
Plan: Doug's Trainerp51mustang_1a on 19/07/2018 17:34
First Flight
Finished the plane and took it out for its first flight. A few observations on the behaviour I wanted to get your perspective on - notably is this expected or is there an issue with my construction.

First - the tail wheel prevents the plane from tracking correctly. After many attempts to bend/rebend it, I removed the wheel and wire and have the plane drag on a plastic slide. In other tail draggers, the wheel was connected to the rudder servo. Does your rear wheel track correctly?

Second - the plane balances a little nose heavy. I'm using a Venom 3s 950 mAh battery, very small 20 AMP ESC and 9x6 prop with an Eflite park 450. Good power to weight ratio, but wondered if you have had to apply much (if any) tail weight.

Finally - Curious what your high/low control throws are for the control surfaces. It seems like I should have more elevator throw, but am not sure I want to bump it up too much.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
Security Sport - 5 cent model by Comet, 10in wingspan
Thanks for the information.

If this plan is one of them I just downloaded it fine.

Are you clicking the button or are you saving? You have to click the button to download the plans.

On Safari and chrome it downloaded perfectly.
Another plan I can't seem to download
I don't know why but there have been several plans that will not allow me to download them. I get redirected to the "Hotlinking is not allowed" page. I've tried clearing everything and reloading my browser, different browsers, even uninstalling all of my browser apps and extensions and reloading but the plans this happens with always kick me back to the no hotlink page. Haven't had the chance to try from a different device, however. I will admit this is a small annoyance considering the service provided here and I don't mean to complain, just inform. Thanks! Torq
Plan: Baby AceMooney_Driver on 17/07/2018 15:49
Baby Ace RCM DEC 1974 page 23
Baby Ace was RCM plan # 580 in the December 1974 issue starting on page 23.
Plan: Swift 2aeroastro on 16/07/2018 14:39
Swift - wing mounting
The plane appears to be a model of the Comper Swift and if so, is a high wing monoplane similar to numerous other general aviation planes such as a Piper Cub. The wing appears to have two 'plug in' panels that mate to fuselage-mounted tubes. The drawing is quite crude without a lot of details, so feel free to innovate as necessary!
Plan: Swift 2AeroBob on 16/07/2018 02:03
Wing is High, or mid, or low?
Has anyone actually built this model?

Where is the wing set against the fuselage? It is nor obvious to me. Maybe I have missed some clues.

It does not look to be high set as the curved cabin would not enable that.
The wing could be mid or low, but Figure 10 seems to contradict that. Maybe the Fig 10 side elevation contains a bit too much artistic licence.

Any ideas?
Plan: ProteusKapAdFreDD on 03/07/2018 12:46
Thanks for sharing.

Is this your design?


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Stinson SR-9 Reliant 1-4 scale
23/07/18 01:34:46am
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Junior Miss
21/07/18 05:25:00pm
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Beta Major Be 250
21/07/18 10:10:28am
King Burd
21/07/18 04:09:33am
Ladybird Special
21/07/18 03:49:52am
Flying Saucer 1965
20/07/18 04:19:24am
Hawker Hunter 1965
20/07/18 04:17:20am
Porterfield CP-65
19/07/18 09:56:38am
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Lanzo Cabin
19/07/18 12:46:39am
Jif 65
18/07/18 08:45:12pm
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Farman F-450
18/07/18 12:20:35pm
18/07/18 08:51:14am
Lightweight Duration Model
18/07/18 04:11:32am
Loffler L-8 Wakefield Winner
18/07/18 04:03:27am
Lil Swell 2
18/07/18 03:58:23am
Little Deer
16/07/18 10:42:57pm
Little Joe
16/07/18 10:27:03pm
Zivko EDGE Hannes Arch
16/07/18 04:24:17pm