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Plan: Pro Traineddiep on 16/05/2024 14:38
The Pro Trainer
These Models were very popular in the late 80's and very early 90's. The plans was design by a guy name Mike. Unfortunately I don't remember his last name but will try to find his info that I got years ago. These planes was at one time produced in a kit but was not sold in stores. To the best of my knowledge these were sold by Mike and others he entrusted to sell them for him at fly ins and other events. Neal at Cornell Hobby's which has been gone for many years, sold for him at the fly ins in my area. They come in to types of wings. you could get them with a built up wing or a foam core wing. And by the way they plane was called a Pro Trainer.

These plane were great trainers and flew like a dream. With the dihedral these wings have they would self correct very easy. But the only draw back I can remember is with this dihedral in very strong winds the plane can get pushed around quit a bit. But now I have the plans again you bet I'll build another one.
Plan: Naurdycqhjf160250 on 17/04/2024 12:12
Is there a wing and stab plan available somewhere?
Plan: P-51 B sethjf160250 on 21/03/2024 12:41
Wingspan correction
Everyone else lists this Earl Stahl plan as 24in span.
Plan: Bucker Jungmeisterhjf160250 on 17/03/2024 10:23
Still incorrect wingspan!
Back in 2020, Sputnik57 correctly advised that the wingspan was 13in (330mm) yet it still shows on description as 8.75 inches! It's about time this was correctly annotated.=

Hello, my apologies. I have been away from editing plans for some time. ie. prior to COVID. received your email and have gone in and made the correction.

Plan: 28% Ultimate BiplaneAndy9 on 12/03/2024 17:35
El plano esta super detallado pero me gustaría saber si hay algún manual para seguir en su construcción...
Plan: Wanted PlansFHDD on 12/03/2024 15:56
Aeronca Champion
[quote name='WHB' id='2643' timestamp='01/03/2024 15:43']Model was featured in the November issue of Model Airplane News, in the year, 2000.[/quote]

I have the magazine, I can scan for you and you may work the adjust the plans size and print. Email me. Cheers.
Plan: Wanted PlansWHB on 01/03/2024 15:43
Aeronca Champ Slow Flyer 35" W/S by Nick Ziroli
Model was featured in the November issue of Model Airplane News, in the year, 2000.
Plan: Wanted PlansBellanca on 15/02/2024 13:28
Plans for Bridi 1/4 scale Dalotel 84” span
Searching for a set of plans for the Brida 1/4 scale kit. Help is much appreciated.
Plan: WoodpeckerPooklord on 25/01/2024 03:35
Appears to be incomplete
The pdf is only one sheet there are no templates for the fuselage formers or wing ribs.
Plan: Wanted Plansmylan37 on 27/12/2023 22:00
Beechcraft B58 Baron and B60 Duke and from degner Caddell
I would to find the plans of becchcraft b58 Baron and / or B60 Duke frome Caddell
Plan: Baby BootleggerDeeDubya on 14/12/2023 03:54
Laser Cut Kit
Interestingly there is a laser cut kit for this model available on AliExpress. Bought one for less than $40. Comes with no instructions. I found them here. Very cleanly cut 1/8” ply. 500mm long Mahogany strip for planking. Nice!
Plan: Wanted Planslesfreund46 on 09/12/2023 16:48
Bridi Great Escape
Hi. I am looking for a set of plans to build my favorite Joe Bridi pattern plane, the Great Escape.

Les Freund
Plan: Wanted PlansBjörn1970 on 28/11/2023 13:52
Suche Verticopter Bauplan
Ich suche schon Lange den Bauplan des Verticopter's.
Ich würde mich freuen wenn ihr ihn findet.
Liebe Grüße Björn
Plan: Mini Funtanamail4dean on 28/11/2023 02:31
Mini Funtana Build
I was given an original Eflight Mini Funtana by a generous club member after crashing a 90" Extra due to radio failure. Not knowing what I really had, I was a little careless and tip stalled it into the ground. Twice. Although I repaired it, twice, into a little heavier and not quite as straight flying park flyer, I regretted my reckless behavior and decided to build myself a new one from scratch.
I have sourced all my materials and as they come in piece by piece I'll try to keep up with logging best I can as this will be my first.
Plan: Katanaharrysilver on 04/11/2023 08:32
designer name
please mention the designer name.. its Paul Glemba
Plan: Wanted PlansHertzy on 02/10/2023 19:23
Beechcraft Kingair 350
HI, I am after a set of plans to scale build a Kingair 350 from foam core, It will be giant scale.
Plan: Haines Mystery Shiphjf160250 on 17/09/2023 20:21
Description error.
'Thermal'??? This is a peanut scale model.
Plan: Stinson Voyagerhjf160250 on 08/09/2023 12:17
Not Free Flight!!
There's a bit of a clue in the plan number (101RC) about the intended purpose. This is a purely scale RC model although I'd like to see a Free Flight one attempted. At 101 inch span it would look magnificent but would also be a potential killer!
Plan: p51 mustangderfred on 24/08/2023 10:38
p51 mustang
Thanks for uploading, if you need to upload extra files you can login and at the top of the listing there is an EDIT button, from there follow the instructions on the MEDIA tab.
Plan: p51 mustangSundance2018 on 24/08/2023 01:29
P51 Mustang
That worked! What is the 4th sheet?
Plan: p51 mustangPierluigi Cambosu on 23/08/2023 16:45
recharged document
I have done one pdf with the complete project. try to download this. If you have any problems, you can write me your mail address and I will send you the three(not four) parts
Plan: p51 mustangPierluigi Cambosu on 23/08/2023 16:44
recharged document
I have done one pdf with the complete project. try to download this. If you have any problems, you can write me your mail address and I will send you the three(not four) parts
Plan: p51 mustangSundance2018 on 23/08/2023 15:49
P51 Mustang - Incomplete Plans
I've always worked directly w/ the AeroFred site manager when I submitted plans. Otherwise, you could email them to me directly?
Plan: p51 mustangPierluigi Cambosu on 23/08/2023 14:15
yes, I have the full project, but i can upload only one pdf. can you explane me how to upload the full project? it is in 4 pdf papers
Plan: p51 mustangSundance2018 on 23/08/2023 12:45
Incomplete Plans
Are there other sheets? There are no plans for the wing or tail group, i.e., horizontal stabilizer & elevator, vertical stabilizer & rudder.

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