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Plan: Pink Panthercontaxrts on 18/05/2023 08:50
the article in the "Modelar" magazine from which the drawing was extrapolated is the review of the assembly kit produced by Merati (Italy) based on a project by Angelo Missaglia
Plan: Pou du Ciel HM 290hjf160250 on 13/05/2023 20:24
Full size aircraft plans
These are plans for the full size Mignet HM290, definitely not plans for an RC model!
Plan: Miss Vintagesound1971 on 30/04/2023 17:48
Miss Vintage
Diese Flugmodell Fliegt Perfekt ! Habe 3 Stück gebaut auch eine große mit ca 2600 mm Spannweite
Plan: Spritehjf160250 on 30/04/2023 14:44
Wingspan correction
Correct wingspan is 24 inch not 12.
Plan: vickers wellington gr mk xivArctura on 07/04/2023 14:25
This plan surely has no place here? It's one of the low quality profiles constantly posted to blueprint pages for god knows what reason.
Plan: Bijouhjf160250 on 06/04/2023 21:19
Missing page?
Where is the wing and stabiliser plan. Should be on a separate sheet (reverse of fuse plan?)
Plan: bristol 170 type 31 super freighterWolf57 on 03/04/2023 18:22
Bristol 170 type 31 super freighter
Listed as Radio Control but is clearly for Control line operation.
Plan: Wanted PlansGJ8922 on 31/03/2023 00:26
Hairy Gnome Biplane

I would love it if someone had the Hairy Gnome and possibly the June 1981 RCME Magazine that it came in

Very appreciated
Plan: Super Sportster 40 mk2madmax7774 on 28/03/2023 17:58
missing PNG
The drawing file should be able to be opened with any DXF viewer. What exactly do you need? I can email other formats, if you cannot open it.
Plan: Super Sportster 40 mk2yanive on 27/03/2023 06:32
missong PNG
sorry most of the drawing is not showing without this file.
i would be very greatfull if anyone can reload this drawing.
i came across an old kit and im trying to build this plane , missing some parts.

thank you.
Plan: Spearhead JuniorRiver on 24/03/2023 07:58
Wingspan Correction
The wingspan for the Spearhead Junior is actually 44", not the 31" as stated, the fuselage length is 31"
Plan: Super Sportster 40 mk2jnoon on 19/03/2023 14:54
missing png
You can break the link after opening the file as it is no longer needed. Most likely a picture of the plans used as a guide when creating the drawing.
Plan: Veron Impala3G on 18/03/2023 12:29
Seems like I have been seeing this model for at least 6 months in the Newsletter. Anyone know why?
Seems like I have been seeing this model for at least 6 months in the Newsletter. Anyone know why?
Plan: Wanted PlansFlyingr2002 on 14/03/2023 02:38
Sig Seniorita Plans
Got to SIGMFG.com and order the plans for $16.00. Sig has good prices on their printed plans.
Plan: EspritBerningman on 01/03/2023 14:09
My mistake
Thanks for your reply. I missed the foam center section completely.
This is the best plans site on the web. I check it daily.
Plan: Corsair F4U-1hjf160250 on 24/02/2023 20:48
The model has been designed by that great British scale champion and designer, Brian Taylor. He is one of the most successful scale model designers throughout the world.
Plan: Espriterikp on 14/02/2023 15:38
not missing
As i see it, there isn't anything missin. The center is a foam core piece. On the left side the section is drawn ( E222 ) and just above the section there is an overview of the center piece.
Plan: Wanted PlansDJKStuart on 14/02/2023 02:12
Multiplex Flamingo Contest Sailplane
I need plans and instructions/materials list and/or anything available for this sailplane.
Model number is Best.Nr. - 214060 This is the 2870mm wingspan version from the mid 1980's I believe.
I'd like these in electronic format only.
Thanks in advance!
Plan: Super Sportster 40 mk2yanive on 09/02/2023 08:54
plans missing file

this plans when opened with any software is asking for another file named "Super Sporstere82f8c6c.png"
can you add this file?
Plan: RingmasterEflier on 28/01/2023 22:52
Not the right mage
Sure enough, the wrong image. Check the picture in the "AeroModelismo" magazine. I built this Ringmaster many years ago and it looked like the magazine picture and what the plans described.
Plan: Wanted PlansDavid2011 on 16/01/2023 03:21
All SIG kits
[quote name='Sundance2018' id='2538' timestamp='13/10/2022 15:43']Looking for a PDF version of these plans[/quote]

All SIG plans are copyrighted and owned by SIG Manufacturing. They are the only source for their plans.
Plan: Wanted PlansDavid2011 on 16/01/2023 03:17
Sig Kadet Seniorita
[quote name='JayPolar' id='2521' timestamp='08/09/2022 09:12']I need plans and instructions/materials list and/or anything available for this plane. Id like them in electronic format and would also like a printed set sent to me. Thanks in advance![/quote]

This is a kit that is still being produced. All rights belong to Sig Manufacturing so please contact Sig for plans. The construction manual is available for free on their website.
Plan: Wanted Plansledhead0085 on 14/01/2023 18:57
Ki-67 Peggy
Looking for Plans for a Ki-67 Peggy. cut away plans would be nice.
Plan: Sailaire Gliderroamertop27 on 09/01/2023 07:16
not his problem yours
I had the same issue opening the DXF file in TurboCad 19 professional, I think if you used AutoCad you need to use different scalable fonts so it can be saved properly as a DXF
Plan: EspritBerningman on 08/01/2023 13:50
Le’Esprit plan missing wing center section
Seems to be missing. Haven’t translated th plan yet. There might be a note explaining the gap.

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