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There are 1140 Model Airplane Plans on 46 pages. Currently displaying plan 1 to 25

Plan: Fundangoderfred on 29/05/2020 14:48
Plan: FundangoGarfield on 29/05/2020 12:34
Plan Not Complete
The downloaded pdf is incomplete in that it overlaps the page, cutting off an essential view... It looks like a fun build and I'd love to do it - where can I find a complete plan please?
Plan: Douglas TBD DevastatorPBYACE on 27/05/2020 05:10
I built a model for display from these plans.
May 26, 2020. This model part of a Battle of Midway moving diorama, aka a mobile, with a Dumas Walnut scale Zero, Wildcat, and SBD. As there are no TBD kits, building from scratch was my only option. The plans were mailed from Portugal to Coos Bay, Oregon, USA, and arrived within ten days of my order. It's 1/28th scale, making it a perfect match to the Walnut scale kits. As an experienced builder, I found these plans to be very usable. First, the Cons: The plans suffer from the past (and not at all missed) trend of trying to cram everything onto a single sheet. The designer piled artwork on top of the plans, obscuring a lot of the construction details. There's nothing for the bay that the aft end of the torpedo fits in, nor is there any sort of a wing fairing pattern. Nor is there any information on how to make corrugated wing panels. I could have embossed the corrugations into paper and glue that over the wings, but decided the return was low for the work involved and didn't bother. The details of how the wings fit to the fuselage are absent. The details for how the horizontal stabilizer fits through the fuselage are likewise lacking. Instructions were originally part of a "How to Build" article and are missing entirely. Of course, you're left to concoct the canopy on your own. I made a plug and vacuum-formed mine. I bought 1" RC wheels. Pros: Building the framework wasn't particularly difficult. I scanned the plans, printed out the patterns, glued them to sheet balsa and cut them out. It was really not much more work than a print-wood kit. I put blind faith in the builders plans and things fit together nicely, with adaptations for the wing and HS placements. There was a lot of, "This doesn't make sense to me, but I'll follow the plans and hope for the best." Things worked out without too much fuss. I was impressed and much pleased. There were no design errors to correct. The finished model turned out as nice as the other three Dumas laser-cut kits. I now have a cool model that's relatively unique. This is my fifth scratch-built model and somewhere around 30th stick and tissue model. The builder will need experience and confidence to get past the lack of information in the plans. 2 stars off for the absence of instructions and lack of, or obscured, details, a bonus star because I didn't have to rebuild anything due to errors in the design. 4 /5 stars.
Plan: LZ 129 Hindenburgfred 2510 on 23/05/2020 16:09
This is a paper or card model
Without any instruction sheet
Plan: Zivko EDGE 540 Hannes Archderfred on 16/05/2020 06:04
Zivko EDGE 540 Hannes Arch
Yes, the 3d printed kits are are single colour, any markings have to be spray painted after assembly.
Plan: Zivko EDGE 540 Hannes Arch1960Steve on 16/05/2020 02:22
Zivko EDGE Hannes Arch
Can I have it delivered with markings off?
Plan: de Havilland DH.98 Mosquitoderfred on 13/05/2020 15:10
de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito
You can use the Print Quote system to get the page size on the pdf file:

Width: 758mm (29.8in.)
Height: 1137mm (44.8in.)
Plan: de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito8ing on 13/05/2020 13:05
Page size
I have no any idea about the plan size. What is the paper size?
Plan: Extra 300 EPhlsat on 26/04/2020 09:39
Extra 300 EP
Hi friend.
I do not have more information on this model.
But you can see here https://www.foro-aeromodelismo.com/viewtopic.php?p=286748
Plan: Extra 300 EPDesthy on 26/04/2020 08:34
Extra 300 plans
hi roger,
first of all, thanks for the wonderful plan as since i lost my extra 300 many years ago...i have been trying to look for plans tobuild another and your plan is a saviour. anyways, just questions and clarifications sir. do the wings have sheetings like in the c-channel and the trailing edge and aelerons? and if it does, what is the thickness? also, about the cowling, is it vacuum formed also? thanks and best regards!
Plan: MermaidDon Henschel on 22/04/2020 20:52
Mermaid by GFP Forster
I was tickled to get the two large pages of plans for the model. And that fulfilled the plan as described, so I have no reason to compain. It's just that the current model I'm working on has a 42 page set of step by step instructions, and with the Mermaid, I'm totally on my own . . . . . unless I missed something. I feel I can build a respectable static model from these two pages, but a suggested sequence of construction would be helpful.
Thanks, Don
Plan: Agmaster Modelderfred on 20/04/2020 21:35
Agmaster Model
It´s a great plan indeed. And its scaled to the correct size.
Plan: Agmaster ModelBigDaddy on 20/04/2020 17:30
Thank you! I have wanted this plane for a long time! This is a great design! Thank you for posting!
Plan: AHRLACflymachineart on 09/04/2020 12:24
mis spelled name
The aircraft represented here is the South African AHRLAC (Advanced High Performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft) - it was misidentified here as 'Harlac'
Plan: Piper PA-18 Super CubHans Vellinger on 04/04/2020 12:48
Graupner semi scale PA-18 super cub
I had one of these. It was designed for engines .15 to .19 size. Wingspan, I thought about 130 cm/51 inch. The engine I used was a Enya .15 III. That engine was powerfull enough to fly simple aerobatics. As is stated it had a foam core wing, covered with a thin hardwood veneer. I finished the bird in the, at that time (early '80s) very fashionable "John Player Special" colors (black with gold striping along the edges plus the famous JPS stickers.). Radio, Robbe/Futaba 27mhz, 4 chan.
Plan: P51-D MUSTANGderfred on 01/04/2020 21:27
None, that price is for the model, then you have to pay for the postage.
Plan: P51-D MUSTANGKwhp1507@aol.com on 31/03/2020 01:38
Price question
The price is shown as 39 euros but the bottom of the page shows double that. What options do I select to get it for 39 euros?
Plan: Jumping Jiminyhlsat on 30/03/2020 09:07
Jumping Jiminy
[quote name='Paul-e' id='2139' timestamp='28/03/2020 16:48']The PLAN and the ARTICLE are exactly the same file, they are both the ARTICLE.
Please post the PLAN.
Thank You.
p.s. The contact-the-poster function still does not work, hence this post in the comments...[/quote]

The plan was changed, with a new vector plan by hogal redesigned.
Elijah Greece.
Plan: Fokker D XXIhlsat on 29/03/2020 16:09
Fokker DXXI prints by Tim Farrel (re)drawn by Mike Beaulieu?
I do not know the information about this designer of the model.
The plan and the article is written for Tim Farrel.
Perhaps he knows, some other friend put me inside the gallery page.
Plan: Fokker D XXIgkoetsier on 29/03/2020 12:57
Fokker DXXI prints by Tim Farrel (re)drawn by Mike Beaulieu?
The prints seem to download normally and can be opened. They contain no information...!
I don't have any plugins active concerning preventing commercials.
But what I am most interested in is whether the orininal plans by Tim Farrel are drawn by Mike Beaulieu. If so, I won't certainly not order them, because I have them already and they bad, wrong and incomplete.
I would love to hear whether the plans are drawn by M.B.

Gert Koetsier
Plan: Jumping JiminyPaul-e on 28/03/2020 16:48
Error in file management
The PLAN and the ARTICLE are exactly the same file, they are both the ARTICLE.
Please post the PLAN.
Thank You.
p.s. The contact-the-poster function still does not work, hence this post in the comments...
Plan: Jetex Flying Wing 2008Xiuxiu on 24/03/2020 10:38
Thank you so much
Your construction took 3 days to my son, in times of confinement it's very pleasant. Great flight.
Plan: TrenerAeroBob on 21/03/2020 10:22
and what does the tailplane look like?
is there a second page of details?

I can probably guess and calculate most things, but:
- the tailplane would be nice.
- any ideas in the dihedral?
- is there a dihedral brace?
Plan: Gee Bee R-1 Super SportsterMarcdeklerk on 19/03/2020 22:01
Found them
U are welcome, took me years to find a set! That’s why I am sharing them ! All my plans took ages to find! All gee bee plans!

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