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Plan: Wegaranietad on 17/07/2019 14:03
Try this for the Robbe Wega.
Plan: Manta SchluterTüdelmeister on 14/07/2019 20:57
Dimensions Wrong
This plan has wrong dimensions. Correct would be 38.2 in. / 97 cm
Plan: Quad CargoRyberg on 12/07/2019 10:47
Wich type foam are used, and wich thicknes?

Plan: 1911 Voisin Canardaeroastro on 29/06/2019 14:43
Your Voisin Canard model
Larry Nieman - what a fantastic building & covering job you have accomplished! Can you post
flying pictures? A "tip of the cap" for tackling a most difficult and challenging model, in
all respects!
Plan: Bambinoaeroastro on 23/06/2019 16:57
Bambino 'diamond' fuselage
The question is a good one and here's my thoughts on the Bambino's 'diamond' fuselage. The designer, William Hadden, equipped the plane with 8 strands of 1/2" wide rubber strip. This is a big motor for a plane of this size and the motor, in addition to having a fairly sizable 'cross section', would impose significant compression/buckling forces on the fuselage when fully wound. The diamond fuselage is, IMO, a quick & easy solution, a close approximation to a cylindrical shell fuselage that would be structurally superior but requires more work to properly assemble. The Bambino can certainly be flown with less than 8 strands of 1/2" rubber and if so, a conventional 4-sided
fuselage, as you note, would be simpler to build, quite adequate to handle the lesser forces, and (properly sized) house the rubber motor.
Plan: BambinoAeroBob on 23/06/2019 10:40
diamond fuselage
Why does this simple design have a diamond fuselage?

Surely it begins to make things complex, with wire to hold up the wings and so on.

Is there something in this design that makes it better than a normal square style with two sides, and a top and a bottom?
Plan: Hi Dummyhlsat on 20/06/2019 18:06
Hi Dummy
[quote name='Gnu' id='2008' timestamp='20/06/2019 17:11']This model requires a Cox T.D. .020, NOT the .049. See plans.[/quote]

Thanks, done correction.
Plan: Hi DummyGnu on 20/06/2019 17:11
Engine requirements
This model requires a Cox T.D. .020, NOT the .049. See plans.
Plan: Fokker DVIIeldiablo155 on 20/06/2019 12:40
sorry for my typos
hey guys , sorry for my typos , i was wasted yesterday , if the tips don't make sense to you , let me know , i'll give'em a fix ;)
Plan: CannonballPaul-e on 20/06/2019 01:51
Engine size?
Why does the description say .049-.15 Engines? The plan clearly shows only a .020 Engine.
Plan: Fokker DVIIeldiablo155 on 19/06/2019 14:58
some tips
Several modification had been applied to the main fuselage , the battery bay is in a good as position , but it needs to be splitted in 3 parts, from this https://photos.app.goo.gl/qdUYfZjx299jKDKW8 to this https://photos.app.goo.gl/tSPr4Yo2qmdCRWcy5 .
the hole in the front fuselage doesn't need to be there anymore , you can cover it back ( actually you could even never have it done .. )
. a couple of holes need to be created for let the battery/servos/ESC's wires go thru
the elevator needs to be tougher, i did it with a metal paper clip
here is a one of the first shots of the cockpit/radiators part splitted and almost done
some paintjob ... https://photos.app.goo.gl/5NhR461MUbzufwZm9 without engine
servos and all the stuff on
velcro on the pit back and radiators front
owhh , i was just about to forget this ... 2 carbon bars, box section of 3x3 mm/ 0,1x0,1'' tickness are been applied on the top wing https://photos.app.goo.gl/gsRsQvToTDTohMrk6 and on the bottom wing , giving more rigidity https://photos.app.goo.gl/6anAVrPZ9g5QcNHF6
the first flight was not really happy , cuz she crashed on landing , the struts have to be more tught , so i made them new in light wood / balsa
CG : 2.5' to me is not correct the airplane is a bit too much tail heavy , too nervous , my CG is about 2' - 2,2 max, she goes with a 3s 2200 Mah , the engine is a 1300 kw spinning an 8x6 prop , from the plan i downloaded my wingspan max is 31.5' / 80 cm , far less than 45 in. / 114.3 cm been declared ... ... it doesn't really matter to me , but you may better know if you are looking for that size of airplane , you may better increase the print size of your plan.
In the end the airplane is very great in the air , she looks very beautyfull, despiting 3D things ... simply not for her
thanks to Tony for his plan, I really like to built such airplane , I was missing a biplane on my collection
bye bye ;)
Plan: Sea Horsederfred on 13/06/2019 10:37
Sea Horse
I think the fuselage formers are missing, apart from that it´s all there. Of course some things you have to improvise. usually gets much easier to find solutions when you start seeing the plane taking shape in front of you. Not sure if I would risk this build...
Plan: Fredhlsat on 13/06/2019 09:59
[quote name='derfred' id='2002' timestamp='13/06/2019 09:53']My favorite plan! :)[/quote]

Yes it is beautiful.
Plan: Fredderfred on 13/06/2019 09:53
My favorite plan! :)
Plan: Embraer EMB-312 TucanoAenima on 13/06/2019 09:03
Not vector file
Wrong category. Sadly it's a pdf version of a jpg file. Anyway thanks for sharing.
Plan: Extra 260 31% By Rodrigo Maiafgalles on 13/06/2019 03:26
Dear Rodrigo
[quote name='derfred' id='1264' timestamp='02/11/2016 09:26']Thank you very much for uploading, this is a great plan. If you have more please share them with us.[/quote]
Can you send me in CAD release 14 file?
My email is: fgalles@gmail.com
Thank you very much
Plan: Sea Horsemarcoilduce on 09/06/2019 15:44
Totally useless reply.
[quote name='young modellers' id='1992' timestamp='05/06/2019 08:02']If you two cared enough to look at the plan, you would find out that its complete and you should be completely able to build the plane out of this plan. (I'm not into hydroplanes, so I'm not gonna build it just to prove you wrong..)
First - there IS a top view of the[/quote]
Plan: Spitfire Mk XVI 30inAsh1106 on 08/06/2019 08:22
Spitfire Mk XVI
Ordered prints of this and got it scaled up by 1/3 to 40” span. Very easy plane to build. I’m fitting a rudder, steerable tail wheel and retracts. It’s designed for a contra-rotating prop with a cowl made from carbon fibre.
Plan: Saiman 200hlsat on 08/06/2019 07:42
Saiman 200
[quote name='hjf160250' id='1995' timestamp='07/06/2019 11:00']The download only contains one page, there should be two.[/quote]

Thanks done correction with new plan
Plan: PBY CatalinaAeroBob on 07/06/2019 11:16
Slow flying
I have seen a Catalina doing some type of survey, and flying low and slow. Really quite slow.
Plan: Saiman 200hjf160250 on 07/06/2019 11:00
Mooney Saiman 200 plan
The download only contains one page, there should be two.
Plan: Extra 300 EPhlsat on 06/06/2019 17:35
Extra 300 EP
[quote name='JanSvast' id='1993' timestamp='06/06/2019 08:35']Hi Roger!

Ive hot all the parts cut out, but im having problems putting it together. Do you happen to have aby instructions for it? Thanks!


I have not manual information for building.
Plan: Extra 300 EPJanSvast on 06/06/2019 08:35
Build instructions
Hi Roger!

Ive hot all the parts cut out, but im having problems putting it together. Do you happen to have aby instructions for it? Thanks!

Plan: Sea Horseyoung modellers on 05/06/2019 08:02
If you two cared enough to look at the plan, you would find out that its complete and you should be completely able to build the plane out of this plan. (I'm not into hydroplanes, so I'm not gonna build it just to prove you wrong..)
First - there IS a top view of the "fuse pod" (left side of the plan, marked as 1/4" PLYWOOD CRUTCH BAND-SAW OR JIG-SAW)
Second - the "fuse pod" shall be made out of soft block - rounded and hollowed.. (as written on the plan) Therefore the shape of it is entirely in builders hands..
Third - there IS an information for how to connect tail surfaces to servos.. (between the "fuse pod" and the dihedral gussets) namely: "PUSHRODS OR MONOFILIMENT FISHLINE PASSES AFT TO ACTUATE TAIL SURFACES"
Fourth - It probably isn't lack of experience, its lack of concetration and consistency
Plan: AlleyCatazimiut on 03/06/2019 20:53
Made as a free flight sling launch for my nephew. flew great!

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