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There are 1008 Model Airplane Plans on 41 pages. Currently displaying plan 26 to 50

Plan: Indoor GyroRalfMetzger on 05/04/2019 06:09
Video of the model flying
Hello John,

thanks for the additional information. I add the link under Building Log.
Nice Models on your side.

Plan: Indoor Gyroborenjohn@comcast.net on 05/04/2019 02:22
Video of the model flying
I am the designer of this model. There is a second set of drawings show the head parts that is missing from this listing. Below is a video of the model flying indoors.


John Boren
Plan: Gulfstream IIhlsat on 04/04/2019 17:41
Wingspan truth.
In the catalog writes 60 inches wingspan but……
In plan writes half wing 31 inches outside the tip.
Plan: Gulfstream IIhlsat on 04/04/2019 17:28
Done correction.
Many thanks RCYEAGER.
Plan: Gulfstream IIRCYEAGER on 04/04/2019 13:52
More on wingspan
The Flying Models plans catalogue says it 60", but going strictly by certain plan notations, wingspan appears to be about 67". In any case, certainly not 92"
Plan: Gulfstream IIRCYEAGER on 04/04/2019 12:27
Wrong wingspan
The correct wingspan is 60 inches, not 92
Plan: PT Boataeroastro on 01/04/2019 16:57
PT Boat
Chappy77: the drawing shows assembly & fittings details - not building details for the hull itself - of a PT boat kit where a fiberglass hull was included by the kit manufacturer.
Plan: GullPatrickK on 01/04/2019 14:18
Which Kauko Kuosma's "gull"?
The gull is from Kauko Kuosma, that's the plan. But Kauko had numbered all his planes: T-xx. Sometimes also a sounding name ;-) I know finnish, english and german names. But they are not always translations, only sometimes ... Difficulty: Kauko built quite sophisticated: beautiful, curved forms. Logically different models are constructively similar, they are all seaplanes. Nevertheless, there are always a few strips that are different, or the gull bend is more pronounced.

Help to find out which T-xx is the gull.
Plan: Staggerwing BeechcraftJimF on 30/03/2019 20:48
Stagger wing
A dimension scale would be very helpful. Cannot find a single dimension on the plan.
Plan: PT Boatchappy777 on 29/03/2019 10:30
PT Boat
Basically there are no plan details merely a picture of a PT Boat. In my opinion there is not enough detail to build a model from this "plan" I am very dissapointed as I have always wanted to build a large PT Boat.
Plan: PT Boatsambini on 29/03/2019 09:39
PT Boat
When I downloaded the plans there are no formers just a picture from the top and side.
Plan: GeeBee Model Ehlsat on 28/03/2019 10:29
Gee Bee E 75”
[quote name='AeroVestrup' id='1963' timestamp='27/03/2019 12:20']Hello. It seems I cannot download the plans[/quote]

The plan is ok.
You have problem with Pdf programm.
Make upgrade Acrobat reader.
Plan: GeeBee Model EAeroVestrup on 27/03/2019 12:20
Gee Bee E 75”
Hello. It seems I cannot download the plans
Plan: Grumman Albatrossderfred on 26/03/2019 13:44
Grumman Albatross
water based paint
Plan: KingSize FokkerTriplanedgardner55 on 24/03/2019 00:26
King Size Fokker Triplane
Please note that this is a CONTROL LINE AIRPLANE, not RC! There's a bellcrank at the center of the center wing! It was probably intended to be mildly aerobatic, thus the symmetrical airfoil wing. I was flying in 1954, but have no knowledge of this airplane, other than the plan set listing.

There's nothing horribly wrong with it.....it's just a dated design, intended to be scale-like. The symmetrical airfoil also adds some structural strength to the otherwise feeble wing of the scale airplane, and eliminates the need for a lot of wire bracing.

I'd not attempt it because of the foul ground handling of this....and many other WWI airplanes.....because of their general configurations!

Dave Gardner
Plan: Douglas XTB2D SkypirateAndré on 20/03/2019 01:00
Thank you, on behalf of all Skypirate enthusiasts, for these precious informations!
Plan: Douglas XTB2D Skypirateocoee96 on 19/03/2019 12:12
XTB2D Skypirate Retractable Landing Gear?
The uploader makes a good point about "scale" retracts for this model. In particular, the "scale" 120-degree nose retract angle with a pronounced "knee" calls for some challenging work by the builder, or a call to "Down and Locked" for a custom unit if money is no object. I went with a compromise: 110-degree #630 nose gear unit from Robart. Still requires some fiddling with wing leading edge to accommodate the necessary strut length.
Bob Kowalski authored the only known book on this plane, I believe. Published as "Naval Fighters Number Thirty Six", available from Ginter Books for $10.95 - a must-have if you intend to build this model.
Plan: Extra 260slmnqsr on 19/03/2019 09:52
Extra 260
Do you have any instruction for this parts, I really want to build it. Thanks !!
Plan: Grumman Albatrossnanonaton on 19/03/2019 07:53
Grumman Albatross
how can I color depron?
Plan: Das Liddle Stikpaultbg on 18/03/2019 12:35
Help printing the wings (L1 & R1)

I have some issues printing the above 2 parts, can you please have a look at this post:


Plan: 50% Lazy BeeFlyingryan on 16/03/2019 22:15
11200kv motor should do the trick
Plan: New layout and features suggestionsderfred on 16/03/2019 15:56
New layout and features suggestions
Agree. I´ll put them back. FYI Your plans are a success! :)
Plan: New layout and features suggestionsDMorrisPE on 15/03/2019 23:17
Return of Download stats?
I miss the download numbers. It was a good way for me to see if anyone is interested in my designs. I realize that is no guarantee that the plane was built, but that someone though enough of the plan to download it.

Thanks, Fred!
Plan: Staggerwing BeechcraftBuddy Duke on 14/03/2019 16:20
Staggerwing Beechcraft Plans
The plans provided were well drawn but it seems like there should be one or more sheets showing more detailed layout views. An very experienced builder should be able to build from what is downloaded but a I believe novice or even an intermediately talented builder would have problems with what's shown.
Plan: Astro Max F1Aaeroastro on 11/03/2019 02:58
comments on Astro Max F1A

Someone has hijacked my user name! I didn't write the posted comments.

Peter Y

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