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Plan: FMA IA58 Pucaraezequielrolon@hotmail.com on 15/01/2016 16:51
FMA IA58 Pucara
muy bueno el plano recomendado
Plan: C-130.5 Twin Hercules1Oldman on 15/01/2016 16:35
this appears to be a C-119 Flying Box Car instead of a C-130
Plan: "V" cylinder enginedoug25306 on 13/01/2016 13:40
thanks for posting the steam engine plans.
Plan: Avro Canada CF-100 Canucksky9pilot on 13/01/2016 01:56
wing ribs for Dave Rees Cannuk
Upon review of the plan this plan didn't use his truss construction. Ooops but stacked ribs for this build is pretty straight forward. Just make a root rib and adjust a rib on the copier to the tip size and use these for templettes. Stack blank balsa strips between the patterns and carve to shape allowing two strips for each rib. Eeeze-peeze!
Plan: Avro Canada CF-100 Canucksky9pilot on 13/01/2016 01:48
Dave Rees Canuk Plan sliced or molded wing ribs
Dave used sliced ribs or often carved a form and shaped the ribs over the form by wetting the balsa and pinning it to the form and allowing it to dry. His spars ran through the ribs allowing a truss construction for the spars and wing. Look closely at the plan and you'll see the truss and spar construction.
Plan: BA 4Bcuyler1 on 11/01/2016 22:31
Just last week I viewed a video on YT detailing construction of a "New Build" of this identical plan. I am attempting to locate it as at the time seeking drone videos and this was in the side pane so i opened it up. Thought to myself "that looks like an awful familiar fuselage housing the rubber band".
I just found a similar plane on the russian YT channel called the "Seaplane", but I'll keep on until I find the U.S. build being pawned off as his creation.
Plan: Curtiss Hawk P6Ekenb on 10/01/2016 13:20
Curtiss Hawk build
You sure did pick a "winner" for your first biplane! I'm jealous! My brother & I went to the National Museum of the Air Force recently and I spent a long time looking at the P6 in the two photographs I used in this edit. WOW. Good luck with your build. Let me know how you're doing with the build..

Ken Barclay
Garfield Arkansas USA
Plan: NemesisGeppetto on 10/01/2016 06:29
"Durex V" or "Minnesota Floatah"
Originally know as "Durex V" or "Minnesota Floatah" designed by Bob Hansing
Plan: Curtiss Hawk P6Eremitt52 on 10/01/2016 04:00
curtiss hawk build
Just starting the research on this build, it will be the biggest in my collection and the first one with push/pull controls, custom made hardware and my first Biplane.
Plan: Giro V Sport AutogyroSkillful on 09/01/2016 00:45
>tmp problem sorted
Thanks Fred
Plan: Giro V Sport Autogyroaerofred on 06/01/2016 02:16
Giro V Sport Autogyro
Hello Skillful

I´ve just downloaded both plan and article and they are pdf. I use chrome.

this is the direct link to the plan:
Plan: Giro V Sport AutogyroSkillful on 06/01/2016 00:36
Giro V Sport Autogyro.
Hi Fred
Great site thanks for all your hard work. The plan file Giro V Sport Autogyro.
Plan 1278 seems to be a .tmp file and I am a bit confused and so is my computer! Can you help.

Your sincerely
Plan: Mitsubishi A6M Zerokenb on 05/01/2016 17:31
Why is it that the 79" Plan of the Zero doesn't have the plan of the Wings and formers.
The file that I was working with was flawed. Mea culpa (my fault). I have replaced the download file and a plan sheet for the wings is in the "new" download file.
Darius, thank you for letting me know that I goofed.
Plan: Mitsubishi A6M Zerodariusengineer51 on 05/01/2016 16:48
Mitsubishi Zero Sen Plan
Why is it that the 79" Plan of the Zero doesn't have the plan of the Wings and formers.


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