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Plan: Das Liddle Stikderfred on 12/02/2019 12:35
Das Liddle Stik
All right, I´ll make them and add to the thingiverse listing. But you have the stl and the .factory files that you could use to produce the gcodes yourself.
Plan: Das Liddle Stikandrewjm1959@yahoo.com.au on 12/02/2019 03:02
Little stick Gcodes seperate.
With every thing printing out great, yes i am building it. I am now stuck with the fact that the Gcodes for the aileron are not seperate anywhere in the files except as STL files.
Plan: Zeekhlsat on 11/02/2019 08:33
horizontal stabilizer
The plan was corrected.
Plan: SpacewalkerKarl_Tastrofe on 10/02/2019 11:03
Plan is only of limited use
The plan is only of limited use, as no details of the single parts (spars, ribs, motor mount parts) are shown.
Plan: Off-Shoot SportVaughan207 on 07/02/2019 07:38
Aileron Thickness
Hi Heiko,

The ailerons are from 6mm Balsa.
Plan: Off-Shoot SportDL6UK on 06/02/2019 21:01
off-shoot sport
I´m about to start building it. I´ve found all I need apart from the aileron thickness.
So would you please post how thick the ailerons are - thanks.


[quote name='Paul-e' id='1890' timestamp='04/11/2018 16:58']What supplemental files? Is this plan cross-posted on other sites/forums...?

“NOTE: DXF files are in the supplemental files 1 and 2.”[/quote]
Plan: Alicehlsat on 05/02/2019 11:01
[quote name='puroacaso' id='1930' timestamp='05/02/2019 09:27']I'm starting to build this boat...will post updates soon... :)[/quote]

Good continuity and good pleats.
Plan: Alicepuroacaso on 05/02/2019 09:27
Scratch build on this one
I'm starting to build this boat...will post updates soon... :)
Plan: R/C Paramotor Cartderfred on 03/02/2019 10:31
R/C Paramotor Cart
Thank you very much for posting! I moved the listing to the Independent Designers category where more printable models can be found.

If you like you can upload the stl files as a zip package too.

If you have more please share!

Plan: P-51Byngvegr on 01/02/2019 17:12
Peanut rules
Peanut size model is defined as having either a maximum wingspan of 13” inches, or a maximum fuselage length of 9” inches. These sizes are recognised by the Federation International Aeronautique (FIA), which is the international governing body of model aeroplane competition.

:) Yngve
Plan: RAF S.E. 5A Peanutyngvegr on 01/02/2019 17:10
Peanut rules
Maximum wing span on a peanut is 13".

:) Yngve
Plan: Se5 Peanut RCyngvegr on 01/02/2019 17:08
Peanut rules
It is not a peanut.

Peanut models must be built-up reproductions of actual man-carrying aircraft.
Peanut size model is defined as having either a maximum wingspan of 13” inches, or a maximum fuselage length of 9” inches. These sizes are recognised by the Federation International Aeronautique (FIA), which is the international governing body of model aeroplane competition.

:) Yngve
Plan: Martin B-26 MarauderpanterosZA on 01/02/2019 15:09
Martin B-26 Marauder
Very Nice detail
Plan: Keil Kraft Phantom Miteaeroastro on 14/01/2019 21:59
searching for a 1 1/4" spinner?

I dug around in my bottomless pile of stashed stuff and found a metal spinner with a 1 3/16" base diameter - approximately 29 mm.
This particular spinner was purchased once upon a time for a small elecric and was never used. The base is sized for a 1 mm
shaft, probably for a Speed 400 e-motor. If used on a small diesel, it could be carefully drilled out and would probably be OK.
There's no paperwork but I believe the original source was German.

I'd attach a picture but don't think this particular message board can do it. If you'd want to see a picture, send your e-mail address
to pwyoung@ix.netcom.com
Plan: KK Phantom Mite Laterp.r.newman on 14/01/2019 15:30
Anyone have a source for a 1.25 inch spinner?
I'm in the middle of a build of a Phantom Mite from the plans (in the kit my brother built in the early 1970s).

One item I have - very bashed up - from the original model is a 1-1/4 inch (1.25 inch / 32mm) spinner. Try as I might, I have failed to find a replacement spinner of the right size, or indeed any spinner of any size suitable for a 0.5cc Mills look-alike diesel with a M3.5 (3.5mm diameter) prop shaft. Likewise, finding 6x4 or 7x4 props for the same engine is proving difficult - all I find are for (much) larger shafts.

Does anyone know of a source for the spinner or props today? Or knows a manufacturer looking for an opportunity at the small end? Thanks if you do!

Cheers --Pete in East Sussex (but available for shopping anywhere online!)
Plan: Keil Kraft Phantom Mitep.r.newman on 14/01/2019 15:25
Building the later version!
Thanks, Aeroastro and I'm sorry for not answering your questions sooner!

The engine is a 0.5cc Mills look-alike, very much like this one: https://goo.gl/images/HhDq48 or this: https://www.stevewebb.co.uk/index.php?pid=CS05NAVOVTEGH&area=Engines - a lovely little engine bought at a local modellers' swap meet - once I'd got it ungummed (soak in cellulose thinners) it runs beautifully on a 6x/3 prop.

If you ever find a source for a 1.25 inch (1 1/4 inch for the search engines) or 32mm diameter spinner, let me know please - I've searched everywhere! Best wishes --Pete in East Sussex
Plan: P-38F Lightningtom arnold on 13/01/2019 22:55
Falconer P-38
This is an excellent plan by Richard Falconer and will give great flights with good trimming. The video is NOT built from this plan but from a Dumas kit---very different. The only changes I made were to move the motor peg forward a bay and to enlarge the stab a bit. This is a stand alone plan for free flight rubber scale and is not a "starter" for radio control. There is far too many differences between free flight scale and a radio control version and an RC builder would not learn much at all that is transferable. Besides this model is as complicated and challenging to build as any RC model. For free flight rubber scale, though, it is superb.
Plan: gee bee QEDMarcdeklerk on 12/01/2019 07:01
build log
Ive build this model, almost done, how to i add pictures?
de havilland canada dhc 8 bombardier dash 8 series 100 200 q200 1983 canada
On the real aircraft, and this is info I received from a De Haviland (Bombardier) employee back in the 80's as I was interested in building a scaled up model of the Dash 8.
Wing span is 90 feet or 27.43 m
Tail span is 26 feet or 7.93 m
overall length is 84 feet 3 inches or 25.68 m
center of rear vertical stabilizer to center of engine nacelle is 12 feet 11 inches or 3.94 m
center lines of nacelles are 25 feet 10 inches or 7.88m apart
propellors are 77 inches or 1.96m in front of leading edge at nacelle
Horizontal stab is 24 feet 7 inches or 7.49m from ground height
the tricycle gear are set up so that there is 32 feet 10 inches or 10.0 m between front and read wheels
door sill height is 43 inches or 1.09 m from ground level
the top of the fuselage is 10 feet 5 inches at the front
dihedral is 2.5 degrees at the tips from the point where the wings taper back.
I am sure there is more information out there and I will try to fill in some of the other dimensions if I can get around to drawing a scale drawing of the aircraft.

Plan: Yardbirdsplmeyer on 29/12/2018 00:38
Just a correction--this plane was designed by Mark Romanowitz for W. Bain.
Plan: Dalotel DM-165 (PDF-Version)panterosZA on 28/12/2018 13:33
A very nice well detailed model. I have a 2.4m with 44cc Tartan in mine. Well done.
Plan: PogoAeroBob on 27/12/2018 12:59
Is there any dihedral on the wings of this Peanut model?
The wings roots are angled. Is this for the shape of the fuselage?
Plan: PopsieAeroBob on 27/12/2018 12:53
powered by motor - not rubber
The plan shows a Mills engine, and radio equipment.
so this is not a rubber powered plane.
Plan: S.E 5A British Scoutderfred on 23/12/2018 11:09
S.E 5A British Scout
Thanks for posting!

Kind regards,
Plan: Spirit of St Louis 80inderfred on 19/12/2018 20:51
Spirit of St Louis 80in
OK then. Thanks for the support and if you have more plans to share you can upload them to your account you will have control over everything on the listings.

This site is a bit different from the outerzone, here people share themselves, I don´t control much, I can make corrections if needed by by principle I don´t touch anything. Sometimes people send me plans by email that I upload to my account or to their account, even in these cases I just upload the stuff, I really don´t have time to go investigating who did what but I´ll include credits whenever I´m asked.

Have a great 2019!

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