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Pilot Baby ( 35.8 in. / 91 cm )75.00 Eur.

The Pilot Baby
We are proud to present the latest in Model Airplanes building technology, Lynxman's creations. We will print on demand a high quality print of the Pilot Baby for you.

Pilot Baby model airplane plan

Pilot Baby
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Pilot Baby High quality 3D Printed Kit
Printed Model Airplanes FAQ

I used to fly a Pilot Baby decades ago. It was a fun little plane, even with heavy 540 car motor and 7-cell sub C nicads, and only elevator and rudder control. I decided to design a printable version using the original plan and keeping the original shape as close as possible. I even modeled the shape of the ribs and covering on top of the wing.

Cannot be printed in PETG

Flight videos:

When flying it's best to keep power on. It doesn't glide well and loses energy quickly in turns.

Wingspan: 914 mm.
Length: 683 mm (without prop and spinner).
Weight: 600-750 g.
CG: 46 mm from the leading edge.
Elevator throw: 6 mm up and 6 mm down.
Rudder throw: 12 mm each direction.
Power: 1400-3000kv motor and 4S-2S lipo with 6" prop.
Motor: https://www.banggood.com/custlink/DvK3WvFTC2
Battery: https://www.banggood.com/custlink/DDDGWDFuHi
Servos: 9g servos.

I designed both rubber band wing attachment holes and a wing for latch attachment, which is easier but less forgiving og bad landings. Use a short length of 6 mm carbon tubing to join the wing halves. 4 mm rods or tubing can be used to help index the wing sections when gluing together.

It needs quite a lot of nose weight with the super light modern motor up there, so a heavy motor can be used (60g+).

I also made noses for different Cox TD and BB engines, but won't be able to test those out myself as I don't have any engines.

It has an integrated servo tray and holes for control rods to poke through, lining up straight to the control surfaces, which have integrated control horns.The printable clevis can be used on the end of 2 mm carbon rods to attach tot he tail. Use adjustable link clamps to secure the rods to the servos (https://www.banggood.com/custlink/GmDKdM5qGl)

The fuselage parts have areas that should be cut away after printing. Fuselage 01 and 02 fit together with short bits of filament to index them as they are glued. Fuselage02 should have the top printed surface trimmed as well to clean up the stringing that occurs there, and Fuselage03 fits inside that end of Fuselage02. Fuselage04 fits inside the end of Fuselage03.

The two Hstab halves should be glued together with a short length of 2 mm rod to index and strengthen the joint. The tail surfaces are replaceable. The tail surfaces should be assembled by first inserting the Vstab into the fuselage and then slotting the Hstab in from behind and secured with tree M3 countersunk screws. Use CA hinges or your favourite micro hinges to hinge the control surfaces.

Landing gear can be bent from 2 mm piano wire or the 3D printable landing gear can be used.

It flies great as it's a close replica of the original design, which flew even with my old ultra heavy gear at around 1 kg weight. It even slope soared at that weight.

Print it Yourself

The Pilot Baby print files are available here:

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Lynxman has spend many hours developing the Pilot Baby. If you are printing it yourself it would be nice to give something back... He will surely feel encouraged to design more fantastic models like this.

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Available Files

Here you can find the manual for the Pilot Baby.

Download Manual

Recommended CA Glue

HK Medium thickness CA

HK Accelerator

This glue and accelerator have been tested and work on PLA, not all glues and accelerators, specially the accelerators work well. If you purchase the Pilot Baby Kit I will include a piece of printed PLA so you can do your tests.

Recommended Power Sets

You can find links to the power sets components in the user manual.
Download Manual

Hot weather

In the Summer it's advisable to not let a PLA printed plane inside the car under the sun, it might become deformed. Also, at the flying field, planes made of darker colors PLA or painted with dark colors can become hot and can become deformed, leave your printed plane in the shade.

The solution to these issues is to print your planes in PET-G that will resist to heat up to 90-100C without any problems.

More Videos

Lynxman Kits has uploaded the following Pilot Baby to their Youtube Channel.
Pilot Baby Videos

Details: Full Details
ID: 102040
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Sport
Motor: Electric-Powered
Wingspan: 35.8 in. / 91 cm
Publisher: Lynxman
Designer: Lynxman
Weight:700 g

About 3D Printed Model Airplanes
If you have doubts about how these models are designed, printed and how the fly, this page is for you.

Before anything else, watch this video.

The most common question I get is:

-How do these planes fly?

The video at the right is from FliteTest's Youtube channel, they installed cameras on the plane and filmed it in flight with a drone, these images are not only spectacular but they also allow us to see the behavior of the plane in flight. Enjoy!

This P-38 in the video requires:

  • 12 channels radio if you don´t use y-cables.
  • 4-5 full days straight to print on one printer if everything goes well.

All our 3D Printed planes are here.

A complete 3D Printed planes FAQ can be found here.

Order 3D Printed Pilot Baby
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Complete Kit:

Complete KIT.
PLA is rigid, heat resistant to about 60C, prints well with good finishing.

Pet-G weights the same as PLA, is strong, heat resistant up to about 90C, more flexible than PLA, more expensive and difficult to print but the advisable choice for durable planes and warmer climates.


*Important Please send us a message explaining how the colors will be used. Each part can only have one color, please download the pdf manual to see how the models are split. Adds extra cost.

Discount Coupon:
Shipping: Ships in 2-3 business days (if printed in silver, white or natural PLA) by "Priority Mail", double wall strong cardboard box all pieces bubble wrapped, traceable on your national mail system tracking page and on ctt.pt.

Ordering a 3D Printed "Pilot Baby"" Kit
This tool allows you to calculate the cost of printing and shipping the Pilot Baby model airplane kit and/or spare parts.

How to order:
  1. Set the options on the left and click the "Calculate" button
  2. Change the options as needed and click "Calculate" button again.
  3. When you're happy with the results click the Paypal Button and finish the checkout at Paypal´s website.
  4. I will review the order, print and ship.
  5. Please keep an eye on your email inbox and SPAM folders.
  6. Printing the Pilot Baby takes approximately 72 hours on one single printer, thankfully we have more than one printer so your kit will be produced just in just a fraction of that.
Packaging & Postage:
  1. Larger parts individually packed in bubble wrap film so nothing gets lost or damaged.
  2. Double cardboard box.
  3. Priority Airmail. The tracking number will be sent to you and posted at Paypal´s website
  1. The PDF Assembly manual has links to web pages where you can obtain the needed electronics and even some supplies.
  2. On multiple kits orders, each kit will be shipped on an individual box, it wouldn't be cheaper to ship combined.

Terms of Service.
Please read the 3D Printing Service Terms of Use before placing an order.

About the 3D File source and Print Service:

The Pilot Baby was designed by Lynxman and will be printed by AeroFred as a service.

Model Printing and Order Processing:

Printing a model airplane requires many hours of printing, typically, for the models we sell, between 24 and 280 hours if the job is done one one single printer. Luckily we have many printers so your new plane will be ready to ship in 1-2 days if is printed in PLA or up to 2 weeks if it´s printed in PET-G and we don´t have the chosen color in stock.


Models from Lynxman can be scaled up by up to 130% depending on the model but please know that when these models are printed all the needed fixtures for motor, battery pack, servos, links, wiring ducts are also printed so they would all be scaled so additional work will be required on your end to fit the gear.
As an example, the Edge uses 5 grams servos, if scaled to 130% (1,56m) the servo slots will hold 12 grams servos perfectly but the motor mount will have to be adapted. This can be easily done by using bolts from end to end and washers in the back. Not beg deal. But on the P-47 that uses retracts the ob is not this easy, you would have to create a plate with holes to secure the retracts to the wing.


We can´t do modifications at design level. However, PLA glues very well with CA and accelerator so you can do as in any other model airplane kit, you can add balsa or lite ply and you can make any modifications yourself.

You will receive:

  • Complete Pilot Baby 3D Printed KIT on PLA or individual parts for the same model, depending on your order.
  • One piece of printed PLA, some bad print I may have around here, so you can do your experiments and tests instead of trying on the plane itself.
  • Cardboard box with appropriate cushioning so the parts are protected during the shipment.

The manual can be downloaded in PDF format and has links to web pages where the needed components can be ordered.

You will NOT receive:

  • 3d .stl or .gcode files, project files or any files at all apart from the pdf manual.
  • CA Glue or CA Accelerator.
  • Electronic components.
  • Wheels, hinges, propellers, screws, piano wire, carbon fiber tubes or rods, paint or decals.

Vinyl decals do not stick on 3d printed planes, the only way to add insignia, camouflage, letterings is to paint with acrylic spray paint and a stencil or a mask.

Assembly and preparation:

Modeling work it´s your job :)
You will have to follow the manual to assembly this kit and do all the work needed, this is a model airplane Kit, not a toy.

Model Durability:

Both PLA and PET-G are excellent choices for printed planes but PLA will not withstand temperatures above 60C and inside a car in a hot day this temperature can be reached easy, if you live in a region with hot weather the best option for you is to select PET-G as building material, PET-G is more expensive, harder to produce and takes longer to print but the parts are stronger than PLA and will hold temperatures up to 90C. PET-G weights the same as PLA and it´s slightly more flexible making it best choice for durable model airplanes today.

About our printers:

We use high quality original 3D Printers, no Chinese clone printers or cheap Ebay 3d printers.

About the different filament types:

PLA: PLA is the most used material on 3d printing today, it prints well, with good finishing and little or no warping. We use the top quality filaments made from NatureWorks Ingeo3D850 and Ingeo3D870 and Filament PM.
PLA shouldn´t be used in warmer climates and dark colors or dark painted PLA should not be left under the sun, it will deform, temperatures above 60C will deform PLA.

ABS: ABS is one of the most commonly used plastic, Legos are ABS, your car bumpers are probably ABS. This material has a high resistance to heat (90C or more) and it´s strong. It would be perfect for our planes if it wasn´t so hard to print in single wall as we do in model airplanes.
It is still used for solid parts like motor mounts an other parts that require strength and heat resistance.

PET-G: PET-G is the material used in plastic bottles, it´s very strong, possibly stronger than ABS and has a heat resistance similar to ABS. PET-G it´s a little more flexible than PLA but is still a great material for printed model airplanes. It is the right choice for warmer climates and when extra resistance is needed.

As you see no material is perfect, I could continue describing other materials such as nylon, carbon impregnated PLA or PETG and so on and we would always find positive and negative aspects for each one of them.
In doubt choose PET-G


We will use strong double wall cardboard boxes and the appropriate cushioning to protect each one of the printed parts, every part is rolled on bubble wrap plastic film.


We ship from Portugal, Europe and use the reliable Portuguese mail system CTT.
CTT has delivery agreements with different entities on each country so if you´re from the US you may have your order delivered by USPS, in the UK may be Royal Mail and so on.

Discount Coupons:

Discount coupons are valid from 3 to 30 days after purchase, you can use them any number of times you like but only once per item order.
The codes are issued in the Paypal invoice, please check the transaction details at Paypal website or in the Paypal email you received after purchase to get your Discount Coupon code.
You are free to post the Coupons online, give them to friends, share them in any way you like.
To use just Copy/Paste the Coupon code (i.e.: TAKE10#6012019) to the text field in the plan listing page to use your discount. No spaces and no manual typing, just copy/paste.

Postage Rates Types:

We charge according to the ctt.pt postage table. The smaller planes that fit boxes up to 90cm (sum of the three dimensions) and weighting less than 2kg we ship as a "letter" so the postage it´s cheap, larger planes have to be shipped as a "package", this is why the postage it´s expensive for medium and large planes.

Priority Mail w/ Tracking:

All 3D Printed models and parts are shipped by priority mail that is traceable, larger boxes are shipped as a package that is also registered and traceable and will arrive as quick as priority mail.


We will only accept returns of non assembled, undamaged complete models or spare parts.
Postage fees from the original order are non refundable and you will have to pay the postage back to us.
No re-stocking fee if everything arrives in good condition.
In doubt please ask us for an opinion.


Orders can be paid with Paypal or Credit Card via Paypal and are shipped to the address on your Paypal account or to the address you set at checkout.

ToS Acknowledgment:

Placing an order on this page implies acceptance of the above Terms of Service.

Spare Parts and Options
All the individual sections of the Pilot Baby can be re-printed on demand.

All the parts are available for the 3d printable models, roughly, a wing will cost a little less than half of the model price and the fuselage about the same, the fuselage includes the control surfaces and the wing any available templates needed to bend piano wire for the landing gear.

It would be possible to replace only the damaged parts and replacing them its doable but the result will never be as perfect as assembling a new fuselage or wing.

These are the details for the "Pilot Baby" model.

Plan Attributes: Edit Attributes
Plan ID:102040
Keywords:pilot baby 3d printable
Model Type:Airplane
Aircraft Use:Sport
Wingspan: 35.8 in. / 91 cm
Wingspan Class:75cm-To-100cm (30in-To-40in)
Wing Position:High-Mounted-Wing
Wing Style:Straight-Wing-Trap
Wing Dihedral:Dihedral
Landing Gear:Taildragger
Motor Type:Electric-Powered
Weight:700 g
Weight Class:500g-To-1000g (17.6oz-To-35.2oz)
Construction Skills:Novice
Pilot Skills:Novice
Listing Editor:Lynxman
Category:Lynxman Kits
Similar:Plans like Pilot Baby
File Details:
Date:01/04/2019 09:33
File size:840.9 KB

Videos for the Pilot Baby.

All the Pilot Baby Videos

Lynxman Kits has uploaded the following Pilot Baby to their Youtube Channel.
Go to Pilot Baby Videos

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Comments & Corrections
Do you have questions, comments or corrections about the Pilot Baby? Your input will surely help others to build this model...

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