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NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise  (936.72 in. / 2379.3 cm)

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NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise model airplane plan

NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise

NASA's NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise

Here is a PDF document titled "Fracture Control Methods for Space Vehicles - Volume III", NTRS Document # 19740027168 , from NASA's Technical Report Server (NTRS.NASA.gov) regarding the Space Shuttle's hull designs, there are literally several hundred more PDF's for just the Space Shuttle that you can search out on ntrs.nasa.gov, if you have the need, however this document is a majority of what you need.

The pages are quite large and dimensions are as noted on the documents. Pages need to be pieced together to get them to work as a template for a scale model. I merely found this document and have nothing to do with its creation. As noted on NTRS, "this document is in the Public Domain" as with most US Government Works.

Link to this page: https://aerofred.com/details.php?image_id=102241

Details: Full Details
ID: 102241
File Size: 5.1 MB
Type: Glider
Class: Real-Vehicle
Use: Xperimental
Scale:Scale (1:1)
Motor: Not-Powered
Wingspan: 936.72 in. / 2379.3 cm
Publisher: NASA
Pub. Ref: 19740027168
Designer: North American Rockwell
Date: 08/1974
Listing Editor: japreja
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Plan ID:102241
Keywords:NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise
Model Type:Glider
Aircraft Use:Xperimental
Wingspan: 936.72 in. / 2379.3 cm
Wingspan Class:More-Than-260cm (102in)
Wing Position:Low-Mounted-Wing
Wing Style:Delta
Landing Gear:Tricycle
Motor Type:Not-Powered
Construction Skills:Expert
Pilot Skills:Expert
Designer:North American Rockwell
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First Scan:NASA
Category:Vintage Magazines and Catalogs
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I've joined most of this documents pages to the proper folouts japreja on 27/08/2019 11:50
I posted in the forums the work I have done with this document please see the forum post for a link to the combined pages that makeup the foldouts, only a few are not done as it is a tedious process. https://forum.aerofred.com/forum/plans-restoration/2046-space-shuttle-design-drawings

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