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Super Sportster 40 mk2 ( 55 in. / 139.7 cm )

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Super Sportster 40 mk2 model airplane plan

Super Sportster 40 mk2

John Hess's Super Sportster 40 mk2

This plan is a modernization / redesign of the Great Planes Super Sportster 40 that was immensely popular in the mid 90's. My intent with the redesign/update was to convert the plane to electric and to modernize the parts so they are ready to go for laser cutting. I have drawn this up over the original Don Anderson plan, to keep the overall shape of the aircraft the same. The parts and build process are all new. I have not built this model yet, but am planning to build it over the fall. The conversion is designed for 6S 5000mah Lipo packs with the Leopard 3542-6T-920KV motor from altitude hobbies. 60 amp ESC minimum.

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By: madmax7774

Details: Full Details
ID: 102977
File Size: 162.6 KB
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Sport
Motor: Electric-Powered
Motor Size:750-To-950-Watt 
Wingspan: 55 in. / 139.7 cm
Publisher: John Hess
Pub. Ref: JH001
Designer: Don Anderson
Date: 08/2020
Weight:5 lb.
Listing Editor: madmax7774
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Plan ID:102977
Keywords:Super Sportster 40 6S sport glow electric
Model Type:Airplane
Aircraft Use:Sport
Wingspan: 55 in. / 139.7 cm
Wingspan Class:125cm-To-160cm (50in-To-63in)
Wing Position:Low-Mounted-Wing
Wing Style:Straight-Wing-Rect
Wing Dihedral:Dihedral
Landing Gear:Taildragger
Motor Type:Electric-Powered
Motor Size:750-To-950-Watt 
Number of Motors:1-Tractor
Weight:5 lb.
Weight Class:2000g-To-2500g (70.5oz-To-88.1oz)
Construction Skills:Low-Intermediate
Pilot Skills:Low-Intermediate
Publisher:John Hess
Designer:Don Anderson
Restorer:John Hess
First Scan:unknown
Category:Full Size CAD Format Plans, Wood
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plans missing file yanive on 09/02/2023 08:54

this plans when opened with any software is asking for another file named "Super Sporstere82f8c6c.png"
can you add this file?
missing png jnoon on 19/03/2023 14:54
You can break the link after opening the file as it is no longer needed. Most likely a picture of the plans used as a guide when creating the drawing.
missong PNG yanive on 27/03/2023 06:32
sorry most of the drawing is not showing without this file.
i would be very greatfull if anyone can reload this drawing.
i came across an old kit and im trying to build this plane , missing some parts.

thank you.

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