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Pegasus Tow Plane

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Pegasus Tow Plane model airplane plan

Pegasus Tow Plane

Pegasus Tow Plane

Pegasus Original plan:
This is the original Pegasus design as drawn by the designer. The plan was taken from a photo copy of some hand drawings posted on the NET. I redesigned the fin and rudder, but the original outlines are included for those who want to keep it stock.

Updated edition:
The tail construction is updated to reflect standard building practices and reflects what last edition of the plane had. I took some liberties with the general appearance, but aerodynamically nothing has changed.There are more details for the builder on this version, so download both versions and compare for various building tips and details.

By: roamertop27

Details: Full Details
ID: 92245
File Size: 238.8 KB
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Sport
Motor: Gas-Powered
Motor Size:More-Than-1.20-CI (2-strokes)
Wingspan: More-Than-260cm (102in)
Weight Class:More-Than-4000g (141oz)
Listing Editor: roamertop27
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Plan ID:92245
Keywords:Pegasus tow plane tug tow plane aerotowing sport aerobatic
Model Type:Airplane
Aircraft Use:Sport
Wingspan Class:More-Than-260cm (102in)
Wing Position:High-Mounted-Wing
Wing Style:Straight-Wing-Rect
Wing Dihedral:Flat
Landing Gear:Taildragger
Motor Type:Gas-Powered
Motor Size:More-Than-1.20-CI (2-strokes)
Number of Motors:1-Tractor
Weight Class:More-Than-4000g (141oz)
Construction Skills:High-Intermediate
Pilot Skills:Low-Intermediate
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Category:CAD Wood Model Airplane Plans
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Pegasus Tow Plane m.safipour on 31/01/2016 07:50
thank you very much!
corel draw m.safipour on 16/02/2016 06:52
hi fred

i need cdr format of this plan for lazer cut

can you send it to my gmail please?

with best regard
Pegasus Tow Plane AeroFredUneditedPlans on 16/02/2016 17:32

No, this plan was uploaded by roamertop27 he is not accepting emails from members. I think you can easily import the dxf file into corel and edit as you like. its a vector file.
Pegasus Tow Plane roamertop27 on 17/02/2016 00:16
Quote from: aerofred at 16/02/2016 17:32

No, this plan was uploaded by roamertop27 he is not accepting emails from members. I think you can easily import the dxf file into corel and edit as you like. its a vector file.

Thanks Fred, actually there is almost nothing here worth Laser cutting except perhaps the fuse sides. a few square bulkheads, and the wing is foam, all straight lines, and balsa sticks, by the time you went to the expense and time to laser cut the few parts, you could have cut it out with a jig saw or utility knife :)
Pegasus Tow Plane m.safipour on 25/02/2016 18:09
thank you very much fred
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