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Carl Goldberg

Carl Goldberg model airplane plan
From 1970 to 1990 I had built every model this man had available that I could find. Definitely he was a pioneer in the hobby and one of the best known aircraft modellers. (CoMIYC69)

Biography of CARL GOLDBERG
Oct. 27, 1912- January 28, 1985
Started modeling in 1925

In 1981, Carl finally had time to get a full-sized glider pilot’s license, but in July, Carl had open-heart surgery. During this procedure, he had transfusions of 17 units of blood. Unfortunately, the terrible disease that we now call AIDS contaminated at least one unit of blood. His health gradually failed and on January 21, 1985, he passed away. Modellers of all types lost an outstanding friend and mentor.

Written by: CoMIYC69

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