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Avia BH 11

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Avia BH 11 model airplane plan

Avia BH 11

Modelar's Avia BH 11

Avia BH 11

Magazine Modelar July 1978

Link to this page: https://aerofred.com/details.php?image_id=94862

Details: Full Details
ID: 94862
File Size: 962.2 KB
Type: Airplane
Use: Civilian
Publisher: Modelar
Date: 07/1978
Listing Editor: hlsat
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I started the hobby in October 1973.
First engine Cox Baby .049
First Radio Control Futaba 27Mhz 3 channels.
First Radio Control Plane Minnie Mambo Sterling one channel.

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Plan ID:94862
Keywords:3 View Modelar
Model Type:Airplane
Aircraft Use:Civilian
Category:3 Views of Airplanes for Model Airplane Design
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