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Sorta Warty 3D ( 32 in. / 81.3 cm )

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Sorta Warty 3D model airplane plan

Sorta Warty 3D

DMorris Design's Sorta Warty 3D

Sorta' Warty 3D

The 4th plane in my Sorta' Series is ready. Sorta' Warty 3D resembles a Fairchild Republic A-10 Warthog, but it's designed to be a 3D-style plane, so the proportions are deliberately "strange" and not scale. So many 3D foamies look alike and have no "character" except a different paint job. I plan to use this plane to start a whole series of warbird-inspired 3D planes. On my list: Sorta' Juggy (P-47), Sorta' Forty (P-40), Sorta' Spit (Spitfire), Sorta' Warty (A-10), Sorta' Zero (Zero), Sorta' Butch (Me-109), Sorta' Lightnin' (P-38), and Sorta' Tex (AT-6). After downloading the plans, print them using the Poster feature in Adobe Reader DC and it will print the plans on letter size paper that you join together with tape.

The planes in this series can be constructed from 2 sheets of Dollar Tree Foam Board (DTFB) at a foam cost of $1.00 per sheet. You'll need four 9g servos, a 270-size motor, 10-20 amp ESC, 4-channel receiver, small piece of 1/8" plywood, and wire for landing gear, & pushrods,

Sorta' Series Model Planes
Recommended Sequence of Assembly

After cutting out all foam parts (and hinging them with 3M NexCare paper tape) and the plywood motor mount, assemble the plane in the following sequence.
I used Clear Gorilla Glue for strength, but hot-melt glue, or other suitable adhesives are acceptable.
1. Drill holes in motor mount to fit.
2. Glue motor mount in vertical part of fuselage and let dry /cure.
3. Cut temporary elevator slot extension. Save the piece to reuse or leave attached by cutting just the horizontal
edges and pushing the slot extension out of the way.
4. Glue elevator in place, replace foam removed in step 3.
5. Cut holes for servos in wing, then glue wing in place. Make sure the wing and elevator are "square" to the fuselage.
6. Glue fuselage sides in place with glue on top of wing, bottom of elevator, and edges of fuselage sides. Cover topside fuselage joint with paper tape to keep Gorilla glue foaming under control. Square everything up and clamp with clothes pins.
7. Form landing gear (if using), punch hole in fuselage and feed landing gear through. You may want to do this step before inserting the wing, but the wire gets in the way while doing step 6. Your call here. Glue the wire to the bottom of the wing and cover with paper tape.
8. Cut hole in fuselage under elevator to fit rudder and elevator servos.
9. Install control horns.
10. If you're going to paint, do it now.
11. Install servos, make pushrods and install them.
12. Cut ------------pit sides from .015" acetate to fit and install using narrow strips cut from 3M Clear Mounting Tape.
13. Mount the motor and prop. Position the ESC as needed and secure in place.
14. Position the 4-channel receiver so that the antenna does not come close to the carbon fiber spar and secure in place. The battery will be used for final balancing. Shift it around so that balance is achieved, and fasten it in place using Velcro tape.
15. Enjoy :) :) :) !!!

Link to this page: https://aerofred.com/details.php?image_id=96208

Details: Full Details
ID: 96208
File Size: 708.7 KB
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Acro
Motor: Electric-Powered
Motor Size:50-To-150-Watt 
Wingspan: 32 in. / 81.3 cm
Publisher: DMorris Design
Designer: Doug Morris
Date: 04/2016
Weight:10 oz.
Listing Editor: DMorrisPE
Added: 10/04/2016 18:09
Updated: 21/09/16 05:50:14am
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Member Profile for DMorrisPE

Hi! I'm DMorrisPE

I'm a retired Professional Civil Engineer living in Charlotte, NC. Been building and designing model airplanes since 1952, but just recently got into radio-controlled planes. Member of https://www.facebook.com/CharlotteAeromodelersClub/

Radio-Control Airplane Outdoor Various-Wood-Types

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Plan ID:96208
Keywords:foamie 3D electric radio control 4-channel
Model Type:Airplane
Aircraft Use:Acro
Wingspan: 32 in. / 81.3 cm
Wingspan Class:75cm-To-100cm (30in-To-40in)
Wing Position:Mid-Mounted-Wing
Wing Style:Straight-Wing-Trap
Wing Dihedral:Flat
Landing Gear:Tricycle
Motor Type:Electric-Powered
Motor Size:50-To-150-Watt 
Number of Motors:1-Tractor
Weight:10 oz.
Weight Class:200g-To-300g (7.0oz-To-10.5oz)
Construction Skills:Low-Intermediate
Pilot Skills:Low-Intermediate
Publisher:DMorris Design
Designer:Doug Morris
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Category:Foam Model Airplane Plans
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Questions or comments about the Sorta Warty 3D? Your comments may help others to build this model...

Sorta Warty 3D derfred on 10/04/2016 20:19
Very nice :) Thanks for sharing.

I´ve just noticed that you have actually designed these plans. Great job!
Many thanks fro uploading.

Thanks, Fred! DMorrisPE on 10/04/2016 21:45
As I stated in my comments filed with the plans, I wanted something that looked better than the usual look-alike 3D planes. I thought that a bunch of Warbirds flying 3D maneuvers would be cool, and even cooler doing "slow combat" with 48" streamers for cutting. Or how about a half-dozen flying in formation doing 3D! The mind boggles at the fun!!
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