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Angel´s Arrow Quadrocopter ( 25.6 in. / 65 cm )

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Angel´s Arrow Quadrocopter model airplane plan

Angel´s Arrow Quadrocopter

GerFly's Angel´s Arrow Quadrocopter

Drawings i used to build this F-Quad-type Quadrocopter frame.
Disc diameter (motor to motor) is 450mm, using 8inch props makes it roughly 653mm wide, "Spider" style makes the orientation during flight easier (and looks less boring).

Centerplates, arms, battery board is made of 1,5mm epoxy glass resin (GFK/GRP)
Top covers (for opticals reasons mainly) are made of 1mm GFK/GRP
Landing gear is made of 2mm GFK/GRP

Equipment i used:
4 ea Suppo 2208/14T 1450kV
4 ea 20A ESC
2 ea prop 8*4,5R
2ea prop 8*4,5L
1 ea Power Disrtibution Board
1 ea Multiwii Micro (can be any other flight control)
Various spacers 8mm, 10mm 15mm, 18mm, 20mm
Battery 3S 2200mAh 30c

Battery bay is on the rear end to meet COG requirements, extend the 4 screws holding the LED flashing control unit (diam. 3,2mm, 45x45mm in square) downwards to attach battery board to it.
Detailed pictures will follow.
DXF-files available on request.

Extras: adjustable LED Flashlight Board for 12V / (3S) (fits the 4 holes on the back end)
up to 8 Star LED 1W, colours of you own choice, I use Green for RH, Red for LH and blue or yellow for back end, makes flight orientation so easy
White front LED´s if you like

Light example from my large Hexa-Spider: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRcuCy1rPdg

Overall weight including light around 900g, estimated rate of climb somewhere around 1750 ft/min (~9m/sec)
climb rate, payload and flight times depending on prop-type (plastic/carbon/etc.)
Estimated hover time with a 2200mAh battery 20/30C is roughly 8,5 minutes
Estimated min. flight tiome (at full throttle which you won´t have all the time anyways) roughly 2minutes
Estimated mixed flight time roughly 5.5 to 6 minutes

Any questions, feel free to ask, i´m glad to answer if possible

By: GerFly

Details: Full Details
ID: 99090
File Size: 133.4 KB
Type: Quadcopter
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Xperimental
Scale:Not-Scale (1:1)
Motor: Electric-Powered
Motor Size:50-To-150-Watt 
Wingspan: 25.6 in. / 65 cm
Publisher: GerFly
Designer: Michael Hippe
Date: 03/2017
Weight:900 g
Listing Editor: GerFly
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Plan ID:99090
Keywords:Quadrocopter Copter Drone
Model Type:Quadcopter
Aircraft Use:Xperimental
Wingspan: 25.6 in. / 65 cm
Wingspan Class:50cm-To-75cm (20in-To-30in)
Landing Gear:Skid
Motor Type:Electric-Powered
Motor Size:50-To-150-Watt 
Number of Motors:2-To-4
Weight:900 g
Weight Class:500g-To-1000g (17.6oz-To-35.2oz)
Construction Skills:High-Intermediate
Pilot Skills:High-Intermediate
Designer:Michael Hippe
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Category:CAD Wood Model Airplane Plans
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Angel´s Arrow Quadrocopter derfred on 10/03/2017 09:48
Very nice :) You marked it as "Exotic Flying Stuff" LOL I´ll create tags for Quads and Multicopters...

If you have more like this please upload, we prefer PDF because they are easier to print and open but CAD formats are also fine.

Thanks for uploading

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