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Das Liddle Stik (3D Printable) ( 45.7 in. / 116 cm ) new 49.00 Eur.

The Das Liddle Stik (3D Printable)

Das Liddle Stik (3D Printable) model airplane plan

Das Liddle Stik (3D Printable)
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Das Liddle Stik (3D Printable) High quality 3D Printed Kit
Printed Model Airplanes FAQ

This plane was modelled from this plan:

Since this is my first model I will offer it for free to all 3d printing enthusiasts, feel free to post your suggestions in the comments section and if you need help with the printing or assembly pleas let me know.

When I have the chance to make a video I will post it in the videos tab.

Can also be downloaded on thingiverse:

RCGroups thread:

### Basic specs ###

Print weight: +/- 850grams
AUW: +/- 1250grams?
WingSpan 115cm
Motor 250watts?

### Needed gear and materials ###

Outrunner 3530 or 3536 3s about 2200ma/h battery 40amps esc (250watts)
2 hs81 size servos for rudder and elevator
2 hs55 servos, one for each aileron
2 wheels, the lighter the better, 1 rear wheel and a piece of 2mm wire for the rear landing gear.
0.5mm or 0.75mm piano wire for the links (rudder and elevator)
A colar for the rear landing gear, the rear wheel will be free.
Two or four servo extensions for the wing servos.
Velcro or a velcro strap for the battery
CA hinges
Medium or thick CA
CA Accelerator
A propeller
10 M6X40 Nylon screws
4 M3X20 steels screws and 4 M3 nuts and a few M3 washers.

### Info for printing ###

I will provide STL files, GCODE files for a Prusa i3 type printer, more specifically the i3 MK2 Original and FACTORY files that you can open with Simplify3D and change to suit your own printer.

There are two motor mounts, one with 2.5º down and 2.5º right thrust and one with no torque compensation, use washers to point the motor right and down as much as you need.

I´m providing the GCODES for a Prusa i3 MK2, if you are going to use another printer, if its a very different from the i3 be careful the GCODES might damage your printer, the belts, the board stepper drivers... Watchout! Use the .factory files instead and tweak for your printer.

On a bowden type printer you will have major issues because of the retraction, it will be a pain to make a perfect print, on a printer without at least 210mm on the Z you will have to split the fuselage section 2, horizontal stabiliser and elevators, be creative.

On the Prusa i3 MK2 you will have no issues, use a good quality filament like one based on ingeo3d850 or 870 made by a good quality producer. If you use chinese/HK cheap filament you may have to lower the temperature of the extruder to 215 or 220C It will still work but the layer adhesion may not be as good and consequently the printed parts will be weaker.

All the threads must be cleaned with a M6 tap, the threads are printed and they are close to perfect but a little tight. If you don´t clean them you will break the nylon bolts.
(http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-tap-from-a-bolt/) if you don´t have an M6 tap.

Don´t forget to clean the bed with IPA or a bit of acetone.

Don´t forget to calibrate the printer well, these thin walls are not the easiest thing to print, sloppy belts will result in wavy parts.

If you have troubles please send me a picture of your problematic print to mail@aerofred.com I´ll see if I can help.

### License for the print files ###


### Ordering Prints ###

I will also make prints to anyone interested, please use the "Order Prints" tab above to place your order.


Here you can find the available files for the Das Liddle Stik (3D Printable).

Recommended CA Glue

HK Medium thickness CA

HK Accelerator

This glue and accelerator have been tested and work on PLA, not all glues and accelerators, specially the accelerators work well. If you purchase the Das Liddle Stik (3D Printable) Kit I will include a piece of printed PLA so you can do your tests.

Hot weather

In the Summer it's advisable to not let a printed plane inside the car under the sun, it will become deformed like any other plane made of plastic. At the flying field, planes made or painted with dark colors can become hot and can become deformed, leave your printed plane in the shade.

Details: Full Details
ID: 99742
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Sport
Motor: Electric-Powered
Motor Size:150-To-300-Watt 
Wingspan: 45.7 in. / 116 cm
Publisher: AeroFred.com
Weight:1250 g

About 3D Printed Model Airplanes
If you have doubts about how these models are designed, printed and how the fly, this page is for you.

Before anything else, watch this video.

The most common question I get is:

-How do these planes fly?

The video at the right is from FliteTest's Youtube channel, they installed cameras on the plane and filmed it in flight with a drone, these images are not only spectacular but they also allow us to see the behavior of the plane in flight. Enjoy!

This P-38 in the video requires:

  • 12 channels radio if you don´t use y-cables.
  • 4-5 full days straight to print on one printer if everything goes well.

All our 3D Printed planes are here.

About 3DLabPrint models

These models are designed by Stepen in the Czech Republic, are easy and quick to build and have excellent flight characteristics. The gear is pretty standard, usually 9 or 12 grams servos and two power setups are usually suggested, one composed of high quality motor, ESC and battery and another made from inexpensive HobbyKing stuff but still very capable and with good performance.

When you build from a plan or when you assemble a wood kit, usually you add parts to a developing structure, you may have the fuselage done then you may add a servo tray then you may add a motor mount and so on, on these printed planes everything is built with full integration in mind, all the internal reinforcements, all the linkages, all the ducts for wiring, all the fixtures are one with the structure, in fact, many times you have ducts for the servo wires acting as an internal wing reinforcement.

This is a revolutionary way of thinking or better, a revolutionary way of fabricating model airplanes because many of us had already thought about how good this kind of approach could be but actually doing it has always been the problem.

Even with the advent of high quality/low cost 3D printers this has not became immediately possible, it took a very gifted person, Stepen, to create a design method and correspondent print setting to make these marvelous models possible.

I hope you are not afraid to try the latest in model airplane construction, I´m sure you will be delighted with these amazing model airplanes.

A FAQ page with answers to the most common questions can be found here.

All questions are welcome. Please contact us here.

3D Printed Planes Gallery
These are just a few examples of the amazing internal structures you will find on a 3D printed model airplane.

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Ordering a 3D Printed "Das Liddle Stik (3D Printable)"" Kit
This tool allows you to calculate the cost of printing and shipping the Das Liddle Stik (3D Printable) model airplane kit and/or spare parts.

How to order:
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  6. Printing the Das Liddle Stik (3D Printable) takes approximately 48 hours on one single printer, thankfully we have more than one printer so your kit will be produced just in just a fraction of that.
Packaging & Postage:
  1. Larger parts individually packed in bubble wrap film so nothing gets lost or damaged.
  2. Double cardboard box.
  3. Registered Airmail. The tracking number will be sent to you and posted at Paypal´s website
  1. The PDF Assembly manual has links to web pages where you can obtain the needed electronics and even some supplies.
  2. On multiple kits orders, each kit will be shipped on an individual box, it wouldn't be cheaper to ship combined.

Terms of Service.
Please read the 3D Printing Service Terms of Use before placing an order.

About the 3D File source:

The Das Liddle Stik (3D Printable) was designed by derfred and will be printed by AeroFred as a service.

Model Printing and Order Processing:

Printing a model airplane requires many hours of printing, typically, for the models we sell, between 24 and 280 hours if the job is done one one single printer. Luckily we have many printers so your new plane will be ready to ship in 1-2 days.


Models from derfred can be scaled up by up to 130% depending on the model but please know that when these models are printed all the needed fixtures for motor, battery pack, servos, links, wiring ducts are also printed so they would all be scaled so additional work will be required on your end to fit the gear.
As an example, the Edge uses 5 grams servos, if scaled to 130% (1,56m) the servo slots will hold 12 grams servos perfectly but the motor mount will have to be adapted. This can be easily done by using bolts from end to end and washers in the back. Not beg deal. But on the P-47 that uses retracts the ob is not this easy, you would have to create a plate with holes to secure the retracts to the wing.


We can´t do modifications at design level. However, PLA glues very well with CA and accelerator so you can do as in any other model airplane kit, you can add balsa or lite ply and you can make any modifications yourself.

You will receive:

  • Complete Das Liddle Stik (3D Printable) 3D Printed KIT on PLA or individual parts for the same model, depending on your order.
  • One piece of printed PLA, some bad print I may have around here, so you can do your experiments and tests instead of trying on the plane itself.
  • Cardboard box with appropriate cushioning so the parts are protected during the shipment.
  • Assembly manual printed copy from derfred if requested at the ordering page.

The paper manual is free but not included by default because it adds weight that may make the postage costs climb considerably. I reserve the right to add the paper manual or not.
In any case the manual can be downloaded in PDF format in this same page and it will have links to web pages where some of the needed parts an be ordered.

You will NOT receive:

  • 3d .stl or .gcode files, project files or any files at all apart from the pdf manual.
  • CA Glue or CA Accelerator.
  • Electronic components.
  • Wheels, hinges, propellers, screws, piano wire, paint or decals.

Vinyl decals do not stick on 3d printed planes, the only way to add insignia, camouflage, letterings is to paint with acrylic spray paint and a stencil or a mask.

Assembly and preparation:

Modeling work it´s your job :)
You will have to follow the manual to assembly this kit and do all the work needed, this is a model airplane Kit, not a toy.

About our printers:

We use high quality original 3D Printers, no Chinese clone printers or cheap Ebay 3d printers.

About the different filament types:

PLA: PLA is the most used material on 3d printing today, it prints well, with good finishing and little or no warping.
ABS: ABS is one of the most commonly used plastic, Legos are ABS, your car bumpers are probably ABS. This material has a high resistance to heat and it´s strong. It would be perfect for our planes if it wasn´t so hard to print.
PET-G: PET-G is the material used on plastic bottles, it´s very strong and has a heat resistance close to ABS, the only drawback is it´s flexibility. PET-G it´s a little more flexible than PLA but still can be used for printed planes.

As you see no material is perfect, I could continue describing other materials such as nylon, carbon impregnated PLA and so on and we would always find positive and negative aspects for each one of them.
Solution, we use PLA, namely NatureWorks 3d850 or 870 PLA that is one of the best, if not the best PLA in production today and for landing gears, motor mounts and other parts that require higher temperature tolerance and/or mechanical resistance we use ABS or PET-G.


We will use strong double wall cardboard boxes and the appropriate cushioning to protect each one of the printed parts, every part is rolled on bubble wrap plastic film.


We ship from Portugal, Europe and use the reliable Portuguese mail system CTT.
CTT has delivery agreements with different entities on each country so if you´re from the US you may have your order delivered by USPS, in the UK may be Royal Mail and so on.


We charge according to the ctt.pt postage table. The smaller planes that fit boxes up to 90cm (sum of the three dimensions) we ship as a "letter" so the postage it´s cheap, larger planes have to be shipped as a package, there is no way around it and this is why the postage it´s expensive.


All 3D Printed models and parts are shipped registered. A signature will be required at the delivery address, not necessarily yours but someone at the address.


We will only accept returns of non assembled, undamaged complete models or spare parts.
Postage fees from the original order are non refundable and you will have to pay the postage back to us.
No re-stocking fee if everything arrives in good condition.
In doubt please ask us for an opinion.


Orders can be paid with Paypal or Credit Card via Paypal and are shipped to the address on your Paypal account or to the address you set at checkout.

ToS Acknowledgment:

Placing an order on this page implies acceptance of the above Terms of Service.

Spare Parts and Options
All the individual sections of the Das Liddle Stik (3D Printable) can be re-printed on demand.

Das Liddle Stik


Price: 49Eur.

These are the details for the "Das Liddle Stik (3D Printable)" model.

Plan Attributes: Edit Attributes
Plan ID:99742
Keywords:liddle stik printable 3d
Model Type:Airplane
Aircraft Use:Sport
Wingspan: 45.7 in. / 116 cm
Wingspan Class:100cm-To-125cm (40in-To-50in)
Wing Position:High-Mounted-Wing
Wing Style:Straight-Wing-Rect
Wing Dihedral:Flat
Landing Gear:Taildragger
Motor Type:Electric-Powered
Motor Size:150-To-300-Watt 
Number of Motors:1-Tractor
Weight:1250 g
Weight Class:1000g-To-1500g (35.2oz-To-52.9oz)
Construction Skills:Novice
Pilot Skills:Novice
Submitted to AeroFred.com
Listing Editor:derfred
Category:AeroFred 3D Printed Airplanes
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