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Arrow model airplane plan
 13 46 in. / 116.8 cm Airplane Pylon-Racer

Arrow Plan 982 O.T Type Model FF Sport Pylon. Wingspan 46in.Highwing. Engine Gas. Designer Bill Gibson. Date September 1982 More info here

Fly-Rod model airplane plan
 19 46 in. / 116.8 cm Airplane Thermal

Fly Rod, designed by David R. Beach Jr, a free flight model published on 1961 Model Airplane News.

Rimfire model airplane plan
 199 30 in. / 76.2 cm Airplane Sport

Rimfire was designed by Jan Sakert, winning 2nd place in RCM magazine's 1968 Design Contest. The 30" span low-winger is reported to have excellent aerobatic performance, powered by a .07 glow...

Short Scion model airplane plan
 267 42 in. / 106.7 cm Airplane Civilian

The Short Scion was a high-wing, twin-engine light transport aircraft sized to carry 5 to 6 passengers, designed and manufactured by Short Bros. in the mid 1930s. The planes served well in a variety...

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The latest in model airplane design and construction.

Zivko EDGE 540 Hannes Arch model airplane plan
 1421 46.5 in. / 118 cm Airplane Electric-Powered Acro

3D Printed Kit on PLA Zivko EDGE Hannes Arch. This is a great scale model of the famous Zivko Edge. This model is very well designed and flies well. Thanks to its large control surfaces it can...

Mig-15 model airplane plan
 1270 48 in. / 122 cm Airplane Electric-Powered Fighter

This Mig-15 is an engineering wonder and a true work of art. The most complex model from 3dlabprint guys so far. This plane uses retracts and can also take off on his belly on grass, this is shown...

WKlingberg Flying Wing model airplane plan
 1649 51.2 in. / 130 cm Glider Electric-Powered Slope

Specs: Span: 1240mm Print weight:320g Area 19,2 dm2 The C.G. is from 54% to 62% of the chord length from the leading edge Recommended Gear: 3s1800 or 3s 2200 or 4s 1300 28mm outrunner or 32mm...

P-38 LIGHTNING model airplane plan
 1589 55.5 in. / 141 cm Airplane Electric-Powered Fighter

3D Printed P-38 LIGHTNING The 3DLabPrint P-38 is a superb model airplane designed by Stepen Dokoupil from the Czech Republic and flown by hundreds, if not thousands of modellers around the...

Radio Control All R/C Model Airplane Plans

16 Remote Control Model Airplane Plans.

Random selection of all RC Model Airplanes class.
This is a randomly created selection of the latest model aircraft plans and blueprints.

Half Wave model airplane plan
 85 36 in. / 91.4 cm Airplane Diesel-Powered Sport

New England's modeling legend Harvey Thomasian designed the Half Wave in 1954, a rudder-only sport aircraft spanning 36" and designed for a 1/2A engine - a McCoy 049 diesel is shown on the...

Paddys Pig model airplane plan
 101 48 in. / 121.9 cm Airplane Glow-Powered Sport

No description yet.

Ultra-Fly model airplane plan
 1168 90.9 in. / 231 cm Glider Electric-Powered Thermal

The Graupner Ultra Fly is a 92 inch span electric powered glider. The wing can be built with straight dihedral or with polyhedral.

ET-20 Bob Martin 50in model airplane plan
 384 50 in. / 127 cm Airplane Glow-Powered Trainer

No description yet.

Control Line All CL Model Airplane Plans

16 Control Line Sport, Scale, Vintage Model Airplane Plans plans.

Random selection of all CL Plans
This is a randomly created selection of all the Control Line model plans.

Lady Luck model airplane plan
 83 Airplane Glow-Powered Sport

This is a control line non scale, pure model sport airplane designed to be flown outdoors, designed by Paul Del Gatto, published in the 1962 Model Airplane News Annual. This would make a nice model...

Loening NA-3-MAN-05-48 model airplane plan
 37 Airplane Diesel-Powered Observation

This is a control line semi-scale observation airplane designed to be flown outdoor. Designed by Walter A Musciano, you will need some experience to build a model from this plan as it is not well...

FMA IA-58 Pucara model airplane plan
 383 32 in. / 81.3 cm Airplane Glow-Powered Multirole

The Pucara is an Argentine ground-attack and counter-insurgency aircraft, an all-metal two person military aircraft with twin engine turboprop engines and a high-mounted "T" horizontal...

Saab 18A model airplane plan
 215 40 in. / 101.6 cm Airplane Diesel-Powered Bomber

The SAAB 18 was a twin-engine bomber and reconnaissance aircraft, designed and built for use by the Swedish Air Force by Svenska Aeroplan AB (SAAB) in response to a 1938 design competition. Due to...

Free Flight All FF Model Airplane Plans

16 Free Flight, Antique, Vintage Model Airplane Plans.

Random selection of all FF class.
This is a randomly created selection of all the Free Flight model plans.

New Bay Ridge Mike model airplane plan
 62 51 in. / 129.5 cm Airplane Gas-Powered Sport

Redesigned by Anthony C Bacchi. Traced from an original plan by Bill Thompson 6-19-64.

Marauder model airplane plan
 31 65 in. / 165.1 cm Glider Sport

No description yet.

Mentor 3 model airplane plan
 69 45.7 in. / 116 cm Glider Not-Powered Sport

This is a free flight non scale, pure model sport glider designed to be flown outdoors, the plan is from the Netherlands and the notes on the plan are not in English and will therefore need to be...

Guillow Fighter F 58 model airplane plan
 122 16 in. / 40.6 cm Airplane Rubber-Band-Powered Sport

Paul Guillow designed and kitted this rubber-powered, 16" span sport free flight model in the late 1930s. Decidedly "old school", the model would be easy enough to build and to save...

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Wiesel model airplane plan
 363 Boat Electric-Powered Sport

Wiesel Type Model RC Sport Boat. Length 50cm Beam 20cm Engine Electric. Control 2 channels. Designer Willy Senf. Magazine Modelar Oct.1976

Xenie model airplane plan
 1247 Boat Electric-Powered

Xenie. Type Model RC Semi Scale Civil. Length 19in. Beam 7in. Engine Electric. Control 2 channels. Designer Jan Horak. Magazine Modelar 1983. More info here...

Labe model airplane plan
 399 Boat Electric-Powered Civilian

Labe Type Model RC Scale Boat. Length 50cm Beam 11cm Engine Electric. Control 2 channels. Designer Jan Horak. Magazine Modelar February 1982 More info here...

Slipper model airplane plan
 412 Boat Glow-Powered Racing

Slipper Type Model RC Sport Racer Boat. Length 57cm Beam 25cm Engine Glow 2.5 - 3.5cc Control 2 channels. Designer G.E Cambell. Magazine Modelar Mar.1975 More info here...

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Plan: MISTRAL321PEST! on 26/04/2019 18:43
Changes I made to the plane
Instead of string activation on the spoilers I added micro servos to each. with Multiplex Connector joining both servos in to one connector so the wiing can be removed quickly . The wing tips are joined with a Carbon rod epoxied to the wing tip and a brass tube in place in the main wing. about a 4mm rod . The Horizontal Stab I used two 4mm carbon rods instead of iron with brass sleeves on both sides . Next time I would use sleeves on one side only and epoxy the rods in . The bell crank I made my own with 1/16 plywood and a 4mm carbon tube with a section of steel connecting rod as a pivot cut flush to the rudder sides and small squares of 1/16 ply on both sides of the rudder to mount the Bell crank pivots . I used a 5-32 rod and clevis with a loop in it to connect the bell crank to the Stab . Nextime I would make the connection with a ply and balsa composite rod. The important thing is to reduce tail weight as much as practical . The Wing Dowel was mounted the spar in a plywood ring to keep it strong. I used two 4 gram digital servos for spoilers and Two digital 9 gram MKS servos mounted in the same spot as drawn but for to aft instead of across. a seven channel Spektrum receiver with a satellite in the tail boom Telemetry Vario . The Big change was the Himax C 3522-0700 I added with a 3S 1800 MAH battery 40 amp ESC Turning a 12X8 prop. (conservative) To fit it in I extended the Nose 2" in front of cockpit and blended it with the lines and used a 42mm spinner . The canopy was made with 1/32 ply on a balsa frame. The faring behind the canopy is built on top of the wing out of strips of 1/8 " balsa. The plane flies very well . Fly weight is 50.30 OZ. or 1.4 kilo . not bad for 3 meters. It flies so slow and is easy to speed up. just a dream . Spoilers are very effective but I went the wrong way on programing the elev / spoiler mix and stuck it in the edge of the pond. Only damage was some warping from water in one wing and the esc fried. it floats ... Their is some room for improvement in weight and the wing structure . Ribs are a little fragile on the tail edge. Bob
Plan: Curtiss P6-E HawkTWR1957 on 20/04/2019 08:13
Curtiss P6-E Hawk
Curtiss Hawk's are one of my favorite yellow winged aircraft. Thanks for posting!
Plan: Lockheed Vega PV-1TWR1957 on 20/04/2019 08:10
Lockheed Vega PV-1
Was a U-Control junk back in the '60s-early '70s. Built a few and had a few of the COX ready to fly variety. Never thought I would see the radial, jet, and electric flight be so advanced and the cost too! LOL!!! Anyways these days spend some time with flight simulators and like to repaint some of the models. Lockheed aircraft are some of my favorite and on that note, I have not seen plans for is the Howard 500. Beautiful aircraft!

Thanks for posting PV-1 plans.
Plan: PT BoatTeufelhunden1963 on 13/04/2019 01:09
This is not a plan
This PDF is not a plan. It is a 2 view line drawing of a PT boat. Not enough information to build this model.
Plan: unknown helicopter 04kswildman69 on 06/04/2019 22:32
This is a picture of a Russian Hind Military Helicopter.
Plan: Indoor GyroRalfMetzger on 05/04/2019 06:09
Video of the model flying
Hello John,

thanks for the additional information. I add the link under Building Log.
Nice Models on your side.

Plan: Indoor on 05/04/2019 02:22
Video of the model flying
I am the designer of this model. There is a second set of drawings show the head parts that is missing from this listing. Below is a video of the model flying indoors.

John Boren
Plan: Gulfstream IIhlsat on 04/04/2019 17:41
Wingspan truth.
In the catalog writes 60 inches wingspan but……
In plan writes half wing 31 inches outside the tip.

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Bowlus Baby Albatross
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Snow White
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Flying Aces Hedgehopper.
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Vought F4U-1D Corsair
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Heath 2B
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Eagle 63 Trainer
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Stinson SR-3 
10/05/19 09:58:23am
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Bowlus Baby Albatross
09/05/19 03:42:44pm