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Kirby Cadet Mk2 model airplane plan
 146 72 in. / 182.9 cm Glider Trainer

Kirby Cadet Mk2 Type Model RC Scale Glider. Wingspan 72in. Control 3 channels. Designer K.G Humber. Magazine Silent Flight July 1994

Teraglider model airplane plan
 566 84 in. / 213.4 cm Glider Thermal

this glider handles very well, very good for thermal gliding, is very light for its size, and is very relaxing simple 3ch glider can be built as a 5 or 7-foot wingspan.

Oini model airplane plan
 221 31 in. / 78.7 cm Airplane Sport

Oini Plan PET 1195 Type Model FF Sport Pusher. Wingspan 31in.Highwing. Engine Glow Cox PW .020 Designer Ernie Schlachter. Magazine Aeromodeller June 1973

Crofter model airplane plan
 179 24 in. / 61 cm Glider Sport

Crofter Plan G 1196 Type Model FF Sport Glider. Wingspan 24in. Designer Jan Barrett. Magazine Aeromodeller June 1973

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TL Stream model airplane plan
 98 44.5 in. / 113 cm Airplane Electric-Powered Civilian

The TL Stream is one of the best ultralight airplanes available right now on the market. The airplane has been designed and manufactured by the European company TL-ultralight. By using the latest...

Piper Pawnee (Dusty) model airplane plan
 1427 48.8 in. / 124 cm Airplane Electric-Powered Crop-Duster

The famous Dusty from the Disney movie "Planes" will now have many brothers and sister in all the colours of the rainbow (or 3d print filament :) Another surprising creation from Stepan of...

MESSERSCHMITT BF 109T model airplane plan
 1147 38.6 in. / 98 cm Airplane Electric-Powered Fighter

3D Printed MESSERSCHMITT BF 109T This Me-109T is a great scale plane, 4 chanels and includes 3d printed gauges to make the bent piano wire landing gears. Also includes two front sections and...

Erco Ercoupe model airplane plan
 461 59.1 in. / 150 cm Airplane Electric-Powered Civilian

The ERCO Ercoupe is a general aviation aircraft from a time when flying was immensely popular. Advertised as “the world’s safest plane”, the Ercoupe had great visibility, resistance to spins,...

Radio Control All R/C Model Airplane Plans

16 Remote Control Model Airplane Plans.

Random selection of all RC Model Airplanes class.
This is a randomly created selection of the latest model aircraft plans and blueprints.

Half Wave model airplane plan
 117 36 in. / 91.4 cm Airplane Diesel-Powered Sport

New England's modeling legend Harvey Thomasian designed the Half Wave in 1954, a rudder-only sport aircraft spanning 36" and designed for a 1/2A engine - a McCoy 049 diesel is shown on the...

Paddys Pig model airplane plan
 135 48 in. / 121.9 cm Airplane Glow-Powered Sport

No description yet.

Ultra-Fly model airplane plan
 1428 90.9 in. / 231 cm Glider Electric-Powered Thermal

The Graupner Ultra Fly is a 92 inch span electric powered glider. The wing can be built with straight dihedral or with polyhedral.

ET-20 Bob Martin 50in model airplane plan
 461 50 in. / 127 cm Airplane Glow-Powered Trainer

No description yet.

Control Line All CL Model Airplane Plans

16 Control Line Sport, Scale, Vintage Model Airplane Plans plans.

Random selection of all CL Plans
This is a randomly created selection of all the Control Line model plans.

Lady Luck model airplane plan
 111 Airplane Glow-Powered Sport

This is a control line non scale, pure model sport airplane designed to be flown outdoors, designed by Paul Del Gatto, published in the 1962 Model Airplane News Annual. This would make a nice model...

Loening NA-3-MAN-05-48 model airplane plan
 49 Airplane Diesel-Powered Observation

This is a control line semi-scale observation airplane designed to be flown outdoor. Designed by Walter A Musciano, you will need some experience to build a model from this plan as it is not well...

FMA IA-58 Pucara model airplane plan
 494 32 in. / 81.3 cm Airplane Glow-Powered Multirole

The Pucara is an Argentine ground-attack and counter-insurgency aircraft, an all-metal two person military aircraft with twin engine turboprop engines and a high-mounted "T" horizontal...

Saab 18A model airplane plan
 248 40 in. / 101.6 cm Airplane Diesel-Powered Bomber

The SAAB 18 was a twin-engine bomber and reconnaissance aircraft, designed and built for use by the Swedish Air Force by Svenska Aeroplan AB (SAAB) in response to a 1938 design competition. Due to...

Free Flight All FF Model Airplane Plans

16 Free Flight, Antique, Vintage Model Airplane Plans.

Random selection of all FF class.
This is a randomly created selection of all the Free Flight model plans.

New Bay Ridge Mike model airplane plan
 82 51 in. / 129.5 cm Airplane Gas-Powered Sport

Redesigned by Anthony C Bacchi. Traced from an original plan by Bill Thompson 6-19-64.

Marauder model airplane plan
 40 65 in. / 165.1 cm Glider Sport

No description yet.

Mentor 3 model airplane plan
 101 45.7 in. / 116 cm Glider Not-Powered Sport

This is a free flight non scale, pure model sport glider designed to be flown outdoors, the plan is from the Netherlands and the notes on the plan are not in English and will therefore need to be...

Guillow Fighter F 58 model airplane plan
 175 16 in. / 40.6 cm Airplane Rubber-Band-Powered Sport

Paul Guillow designed and kitted this rubber-powered, 16" span sport free flight model in the late 1930s. Decidedly "old school", the model would be easy enough to build and to save...

Boats RC Boat Plans

12 Remote Controlled Model Boats

RC Motor Boats.
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Dunlap 3.5 Vee model airplane plan
 821 Boat Glow-Powered Sport

Dunlap 3.5 Vee Plan 12841 Type Model RC Sport Boat. Length 31in. Beam 11.5in. Engine Glow K&B 3.5cc Out. Designer Jerry Dunlap. Date December 1979 More info here...

Snow/Air Boat model airplane plan
 436 Boat Electric-Powered

This is my first design, you may want to modify the plans for your build. I initially built this air boat for snow but also works good on water. After building it I decided to make plans for it it so...

Predator Outrigger model airplane plan
 953 25 in. / 63.5 cm Boat Electric-Powered Racing

Predator Outrigger Type Model RC Sport Racer Boat. Length 25in. Beam 12.5in. Engine Electric. Control 2 channels. Designer Peter  Richards Jan.2004 Construction Τhread Greek Forum...

Water Skipper model airplane plan
 227 Boat Glow-Powered Sport

"Water Skipper" is a 1/2A tethered "air-boat" model, designed by noted model boat racer Bill LeFeber. The original model, powered by a reed valve Cox 049, reached speeds close...

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Plan: Fundangoderfred on 29/05/2020 14:48
Plan: FundangoGarfield on 29/05/2020 12:34
Plan Not Complete
The downloaded pdf is incomplete in that it overlaps the page, cutting off an essential view... It looks like a fun build and I'd love to do it - where can I find a complete plan please?
Plan: Douglas TBD DevastatorPBYACE on 27/05/2020 05:10
I built a model for display from these plans.
May 26, 2020. This model part of a Battle of Midway moving diorama, aka a mobile, with a Dumas Walnut scale Zero, Wildcat, and SBD. As there are no TBD kits, building from scratch was my only option. The plans were mailed from Portugal to Coos Bay, Oregon, USA, and arrived within ten days of my order. It's 1/28th scale, making it a perfect match to the Walnut scale kits. As an experienced builder, I found these plans to be very usable. First, the Cons: The plans suffer from the past (and not at all missed) trend of trying to cram everything onto a single sheet. The designer piled artwork on top of the plans, obscuring a lot of the construction details. There's nothing for the bay that the aft end of the torpedo fits in, nor is there any sort of a wing fairing pattern. Nor is there any information on how to make corrugated wing panels. I could have embossed the corrugations into paper and glue that over the wings, but decided the return was low for the work involved and didn't bother. The details of how the wings fit to the fuselage are absent. The details for how the horizontal stabilizer fits through the fuselage are likewise lacking. Instructions were originally part of a "How to Build" article and are missing entirely. Of course, you're left to concoct the canopy on your own. I made a plug and vacuum-formed mine. I bought 1" RC wheels. Pros: Building the framework wasn't particularly difficult. I scanned the plans, printed out the patterns, glued them to sheet balsa and cut them out. It was really not much more work than a print-wood kit. I put blind faith in the builders plans and things fit together nicely, with adaptations for the wing and HS placements. There was a lot of, "This doesn't make sense to me, but I'll follow the plans and hope for the best." Things worked out without too much fuss. I was impressed and much pleased. There were no design errors to correct. The finished model turned out as nice as the other three Dumas laser-cut kits. I now have a cool model that's relatively unique. This is my fifth scratch-built model and somewhere around 30th stick and tissue model. The builder will need experience and confidence to get past the lack of information in the plans. 2 stars off for the absence of instructions and lack of, or obscured, details, a bonus star because I didn't have to rebuild anything due to errors in the design. 4 /5 stars.
Plan: LZ 129 Hindenburgfred 2510 on 23/05/2020 16:09
This is a paper or card model
Without any instruction sheet
Plan: Zivko EDGE 540 Hannes Archderfred on 16/05/2020 06:04
Zivko EDGE 540 Hannes Arch
Yes, the 3d printed kits are are single colour, any markings have to be spray painted after assembly.
Plan: Zivko EDGE 540 Hannes Arch1960Steve on 16/05/2020 02:22
Zivko EDGE Hannes Arch
Can I have it delivered with markings off?
Plan: de Havilland DH.98 Mosquitoderfred on 13/05/2020 15:10
de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito
You can use the Print Quote system to get the page size on the pdf file:

Width: 758mm (29.8in.)
Height: 1137mm (44.8in.)

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Kirby Cadet Mk2
05/06/20 06:30:07pm
TL Stream
05/06/20 10:47:02am
05/06/20 10:46:27am
05/06/20 03:43:25am
03/06/20 06:08:23pm
02/06/20 03:02:21pm
Fancy Pants
02/06/20 11:45:44am
La Bête
01/06/20 02:52:40pm
Record Hound
31/05/20 03:50:53pm
Velie Monocoupe
31/05/20 09:40:27am
31/05/20 09:38:10am
Smith Mini Plane
30/05/20 01:33:41pm
Heath Parasol
30/05/20 03:44:45am
29/05/20 03:22:05pm
PZL P-11c (30% Scaled up)
29/05/20 03:20:09pm
PZL P-11c
29/05/20 03:19:41pm
28/05/20 07:38:57pm
28/05/20 04:17:19pm
Percival P.56 Provost, Keil Kraft.
27/05/20 04:23:36pm
Curtiss Wright Junior CW-1
25/05/20 06:25:17pm
Pfalz Alarm
25/05/20 10:08:08am
Senior Aero Sport
25/05/20 10:04:32am
Dornier DO-28
24/05/20 09:00:06am
22/05/20 09:46:19pm
P-43 Lancer
21/05/20 11:01:45am