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Nice little RC .049model. This is a real find. There is very little outside of the magazine it appeared in about this modeller. In my opinion this would be a great little plane to convert to two channel or even three with new little micro-servos and receiver. It should be easy enough for a novice to build may be a little help will be required for some minor shaping and engine mount. It would be a great experiment for an RC throttle. Just fyi: The 049 used is includes the rear engine mounted...

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3D Printed P51-D MUSTANG Lenght: 807mm (31.8in) Wingspan: 992mm (39.1in) Height: 226mm (8.9in) Wing area: 17.1 dm2 Wing loading: 50.9 g/dm2 Airfoil: aircombat modificated Print weight: 470g Empty weight: 678g Takeoff weight (6s 1300 lipo): 870g Max takeoff weight: 1170g Never exceed speed, VNE: 205 km/h Design maneuvering speed, VA: 165km/h Stall speed, VS: 30 km/h HIGH PERFORMANCE SETUP: See video guide #6 (for HP setup) Motor – AX-4008Q-620KV Speed controler (ESC) – CC Talon 25 or...

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Pronto Plan Free. Type Model RC Sport Trainer. Wingspan 54in.Highwing. Engine Glow .19 - .25 Control 3 - 4 channels. Designer Unknown. Magazine Radio Control Primer.

Comments on the Meshack model plan (from aeroastro). - This model is a competition "gas" powered free flight model designed to compete in the International FAI F1C class. F1C rules...


Farman Sport Plan Free. Type Model FF Scale Civil Sport. Wingspan 14.5in.Biplane. Engine CO2 Designer Joe Johnson. Magazine Model Aviation September 1977

27" WS Delta Wing

Ghost Mini Type Model FF Sport Glider. Wingspan 142cm. Designer Unknown. Magazine Modelflyvenyt October 1968 More info and article here

Alfa 20 Type Model RC Sport Trainer Wingspan 52in.Shoulder. Engine Glow .20 Control 4 channels. Designer Erik Hammar. Magazine Modellflyng Nytt February 1985 More info and article...

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Nice little RC .049model. This is a real find. There is very little outside of the magazine it appeared in about this modeller. In my opinion this would be a great little plane to convert to two...

The Curtiss SBC-3 "Helldiver" was a US Navy carrier-based light scout/bomber aircraft that was active in the years prior to WW2. This dual-seat biplane design evolved through several...

The DeHavilland DH-4 was a two-seater biplane "day" bomber designed by Geoffrey DeHavilland, and produced in Britain and the US to support offensive operations during WWI. The DH-4 proved...

Der Jager is a single-seat sport biplane design that, in the model form presented, appears to be a "sorta WWI" sport r/c model design. In actual fact, Der Jager is a full-scale EAA sport...

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