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Another excellent tribute project made by Sérgio Alberto Daeuble in tribute to Mobral Modelismo do Brasil model brand and specially to it´s successful stunt trainer from the 60´s & 70´s that was the Manicaca II. This kit´s version plane was targeted to 15 to 20 engines and is very well known for is flying qualities as a very nice Stunt Trainer. The Manicaca 35 its a upgraded version with 120 cm wingspan that also uses flaps on wings with a weight target of 46 oz or around 1,3 kg this...

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STOL Pigeon-RCM-12-86 982

Our friend Larry built this model, the pictures above are his. This was built using your STOL Pigeon plan ID 90584. It's powered by an OS 35. I increased each wing to a length of 48 inches, enlarged the rudder by 30%, and converted to a bolt on wings versus the rubber bands on the plan. She flies great and is really a STOL plane. Larry Nieman

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Grumman E-2C Hawkeye model airplane plan

Radio control scale model of Grumman E2 Hawkeye
Zenith 40 model airplane plan

A great little Aerobatics Trainer with a fun little pattern feel. I built this twice around 1997. I weighed out all the balsa to get every bit of performance out of my cheap .40 engine I salvaged...
Hangar Rat model airplane plan

Hangar Rat Type Model FF Trainer. Wingspan 20in. Engine Rubber. Designer Harry Barr. Date August 1979 More info here
The Hatchling model airplane plan

This is my design for a high-performing little CLG that can be made for around 5-10 cents, and readily available materials. It is my hope that this freely-offered design and accompanying...
Valente model airplane plan

Valente model airplane plan

scratchbuild 20cc RC Plane
PZL M-4 Tarpan model airplane plan

Very accurate documentation of a little known prototype of the Polish trainer PZL M-4 Tarpan from the early 60s. Flew well but the project was abandoned due to the lack of a suitable engine in...
PZL 102 Kos model airplane plan

Very good documentation of a little know Polish sports plane PZL 102 Kos. Built in limited numbers due to imported Western engine utilised. Exported in small quantities to Austria, Australia,...

Latest Edits

Horten IV model airplane plan

Horten IV Type Model FF Scale Wing Glider. Wingspan 36in. Designer Len Marlow. Magazine Air Trails Annual 1952 More info <a...
P-51 B set model airplane plan

Bucker Jungmeister model airplane plan

The Bücker Bü 133 Jungmeister was an advanced trainer of the Luftwaffe in the 1930s. It was a single-engine, single-seat biplane of wood and tubular steel construction and covered in fabric....
Ultimate Kaos 60 model airplane plan

The Ultimate Kaos 60 is a large aerobatic plane designed for competition by Joe Bridi and spanning 62", featuring all-balsa construction and powered by a .45 to .61 2-stroke or .61 to .91...

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Pacer Keil Kraft (With balsa leaves) model airplane plan

Martin-MO-1-Aircraft Carrier Competition model airplane plan

Phoenix-5 62in AAM model airplane plan

Pixie model airplane plan

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