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3D Printed P51-D MUSTANG Lenght: 807mm (31.8in) Wingspan: 992mm (39.1in) Height: 226mm (8.9in) Wing area: 17.1 dm2 Wing loading: 50.9 g/dm2 Airfoil: aircombat modificated Print weight: 470g Empty weight: 678g Takeoff weight (6s 1300 lipo): 870g Max takeoff weight: 1170g Never exceed speed, VNE: 205 km/h Design maneuvering speed, VA: 165km/h Stall speed, VS: 30 km/h Powerplant: Propeller: aeronaut ELP 9/6 or APC 9/6 – 9/7.5 Motor: AX-4008Q/620KV, 22pole brushless HE electric motor ESC:...

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3D Printed SPITFIRE MK XVI This Spitfire is a 3 channel plane (throttle, elevator and rudder) and requires something similar to a Turnigy D3530/14 1100KV (or a 3536 about 1000 kv), a 30A ESC and a 2200mAh 3S Lithium Polymer battery pack. This plane has no landing gear, it has to behand launched and land on its belly, it needs a little speed and its very controllable and a joy to fly. There are a few power set suggestions below and in the manual but I´ve flown it with the 3530 3s 2200mA/h ...

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Corsair F4U/C Plan 3731 Type Model CL Scale Military. Wingspan 50in.Lowwing. Engine Glow .40 Designer Jack Sheeks. Date March 1973. More info and article...

Travelair 2000 Plan xxx Type Model FF Scale Civil. Wingspan 13in.Biplane. Engine Rubber. Designer Don Butman. Date March 1973. More info and article...

Satan MK III Plan 37322 Type Model FF Sport Pylon. Wingspan ??in.Highwing. Engine Glow .15 - .19 Designer Bob Beecroft. Date March 1973. More info and article...


Osprey Type Model RC Scale Civil Seaplane. Wingspan 64in.Highwing. Engine Glow Os Max .45 Control 4 channels. Designer Wally Zober. Magazine Scale R/C Modeler June 1983.


GeeBee Model E Type Model RC Scale Civil Sport. Wingspan 75in.Lowwing. Engine Glow Os Max .60 Control 4 channels. Designer Henry Haffke. Magazine Scale R/C Modeler October 1981.

Gee Bee Model D Sportster 93 Inch

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This free flight model could easily be converted for radio control. This detailed Aeromodeller plan has scale wing sections and reportedly builds into a good flyer.

This drawing of the Heath Parasol is intended to be scaled up or down to suit your needs. A very simple design and build, but, as no wood sizes are given experience is needed to select the wood size...

Rubber powered version of this gorgeous racing plane, designed in 1935, a year after MacRobertson Air Race from England to Melbourne Australia. The rubber motors are in the engine nacelles, so are...

This plan has been drawn from the original that was published in Model Aircraft News in 1940. Designed by Earl Stahl construction is conventional and easy.

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