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Here you can find some important topics about the website.

About AeroFred.com

AeroFred.com first came online in March 2006, I was 26 and had a major maniac obsession for building and flying R/C model airplanes, I still build and fly but only on weekends and not in front of my house above the neighbours roofs :)

This was a website where I used to sell my home made model planes, like the one on the video, besides this shop I had many plans gathered from numerous sources and Plans.AeroFred.com was created to share these plans with fellow modellers around the world... Today, the website has grown from numerous contributions from members and became a place of sharing, that´s exactly what I would have needed when I started to build model planes and the only source for plans were the magazines and the club plans basket...

Advantages of being a Member

Being a registered member and browsing the site loged in brings you a few advantages, these are a few of them:

  • Members can Download from all Categories
  • Members can post Plans
  • Members can become editors and help to manage the site
  • Members have sorting options
  • Members have a personal area to store their Favorites
  • Members can post comments
  • Members can post Plans Requests
  • Members can get replies on Plans Requests

Advanced Search

The advanced search has all the options you can see, is as useful as any search filter...

Search bar

The search bar is like any search bar, just type a few keywords and you get related results, just remember that it will only search titles and descriptions so if words like "foamie or fighter" are not on the title or description it will not find anything.

Magnifier Search

This is the auto search feature, it allows you to quickly find similar plans, lets say you are browsing the website and find a p-38 plan that you like, if you want to find other p-38 plans, this can be other versions or other sheets of a given plan, clicking on the single magnifier or on the double magnifier will auto-search all the related p-38 plans on the website.


The Favorites function is available only to logged in members because the sistem must know who you are so it can show you your favorites and not anyones else. This functionality allows you to save or mark for later download, it is also useful if for eg. you are browsing on a tablet and don´t want to save the plan on that device but to your computer at a later time...

Emailing a Plan

It is also possible to send a plan to a friend or to your self! If you would like to for eg. print a plan and you have a print shop where you regularly go you can send them a plan by email with comments describing what you need...

Files Format

Over the years I have received many requests for different formats, some people want PDF, other want DXF and so on. My solution was to batch convert the all the plans I could and archive them by format rather then by plan type. I know it would be easier to browse fighters, scales, parkflyers, one day I may be able to structure the site that way, for now you have to look for the exact plan you want so please search for models names rather than for models types. Thanks to many members who are helping to edit the plans its becoming possible to search by attributes like wingspan, weight, class, type, use, building skills, flying skills...

Mostly for Members

A few years ago I wouldn´t mind to let non logged in members to download plans, nowadays I´ve found that there is a large amount of bots clicking in the download links therefore using resources that should go exclusively to human users. I could place a captcha code at entrance or I could place a captcha at download, I´ve choosen to pace the captcha at entrance and then allow downloads freely, this is why the site is mostly for members, because you can see everything but only download if loggedin member.

Download by Donating

For members all the downloads are free, registration is also free but some people don´t want to register or just want to keep a download link in the email inbox, for these cases it´s possible to add any plan to the paypal cart and then for a small payment that basically works as a donation an email with all the download links will be received.

I don´t see any reason for this since you can register and use the favorites function but some people asked so here it is.

Donate and Support

Keeping this site going requires long hours of work and fixed monthly expenses, to help me with this expenses you can give a small monthly contribution by paypal:

Currently we have 5 subscription supporters. and many have made donations.
Thank you Friends!

Other Ways of Helping

Share the plans from the website on R/C Forums like RCGroups, websites and blogs by using the sharing codes available on every plan individual page (visible when logged in)

Other way is to share the plans on Facebook

The more users AeroFred have the more plans ther will be for sharing. More than 70% of the plans available for download were provided by members on CD, Email and even on paper.

Referral Program

This is in fact another way of supporting AeroFred.com.
If you´r looking for a VPS server for your projects DigitalOcean is the way to go:

10 USD Credit on DigitalOcean VPS

They have setups starting at just only 5 USD per month, SSD 500mb RAM 20 GB Storage, fully scalable. They charge per minute so you can setup a server just for some testings and take it down when you finish. Its a great service, my best find in years of webdesign.

New Plans Newsletter

This is a very simple Newsletter managed by Google Feedburner, just sign in and verify the email to receive updates on new plans. This newsletter is sent when there are new plans and only once a day max.

Delivered by FeedBurner

Thumbnail Absense

For the thumbnails to exist they have to be manually created, its easy to create thumbnails from JPFG or PDF files but its not so easy to create thousands of thumbnails from ZIP, DXF, DWG and other less common nom image format files. These can be done but has to be manualy and I don´t have all the time in the world to do that. So as many plans don´t have thumbnail they are there, just download them and open them on your computer.

Commenting Plans

User generated content is also important, if you download plans fom the website and then build models from them, your building notes, solutions, problem and ideas will surelly help others. The comments area allows you to not only leave writen comments but also pictures and links to threads on forums or your personal website but also post images you find on the web that may be relevant to the model.
Commenting is sharing and sharing is the heart amd soul of the website.

Rating Plans

On the top menu you can see a TOP link on that page there are several rankings, most downloaded, most hitted (from search engines) top rated, etc... By rating a plan on the reting dropdown selector available on each plans details page you can help to separate the better from the worst plans.


The advertisings you see on the website helps me to cover part of the server and maintenance expenses. I´m not counting the hours spent solving problems to users like reseting passwords, replying to emails and helping people how to use the site or even the hours spent solving technical issues or creating new functionalities or layouts...

Ads Blockers

As said before, the website is sustained by advertisings so if you block the ads the website will not be sustainable this is why the use of ads blocking plugins is not accepted and this is why their use will also block the site contents eg. the plans.

Wanted Plans List

This page allow registered member and guests (non registered members) to post a plan request that someone may see and eventualy check back with some hint or even the plan... Registered members have the advantage, if they checked the "Allow emails from other members" checkbox in the Account's Settings to receive hints or plans by email without havint to reveal any form of contact, non members must leave an email of a forum profile link from where they can be contacted...

Share Your Plans With Us

AeroFred.com is a Plans Sharing Community, not just a website to grab some plans.

Every day thousands of modelers visit us and download free model airplane and boat plans, plans shared by other modelers...

If you have plans that are not here please upload them, so others can build from them.

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Site Stats

These numbers tend to reflect the use of the website with a few resets along the way...

Active Members: 97479
Plans Votes: 36476
Plans Hits: 106845728
Plans Downloads: 13162615