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This page is a very simple FAQ on how to use the website

AeroFred.com is very simple to use, you can browse the website and see all the plans without being a member or without being logged in but to download, upload and have effective control on how the website displays information you have to be logged in to the system.

 Ad Blockers

Ads Blocking plugins are not allowed because they destroy the only source of revenue that actually pays for the server monthly fee, if you are using one of them please disable it on AeroFred.com or turn it off because your plugin is not only blocking the ads but also the plans and all the related content. The Ads on the website are few, simple, non intrusive and provided directly by Google so they are harmless.


This is the first step. Please click the link above and fill out the required form fields.The system will send you an email with a confirmation code, to see if it was really you who registered and not just anyone using your email address.

The confirmation email is sent immediately, some mail services are faster than others to display received emails but you should receive the confirmation email in just a few minutes.

It is possible that the confirmation email ends up in your SPAM folder, please white flag this email and click the link within.


This website is used by thousands of people around the world, when someone decides to steal the content by means of automated software the other users become unable to use the site due to excessive server load.

Obviously the server has mechanisms to prevent this after a few minutes upon detection, the result is a permanent ban from accessing the server for the entire ip range attributed to the offender ISP.

 Sign in

To log in to the website please use the details you choose at registration.

Sometimes when we copy/paste some text a blank space comes with the text, be careful with this.


The home page has all the Categories available in the website. Alternatively you can use the top menu, available on every site page, to go directly to the main categories

After selecting a Category just scroll and use the pagination at the bottom. If you wish to see some plan, just click on the thumbnail to go to the plan's individual page.


To download from any Category you have to be logged in and at the plan's individual page where you should click the "Download" button, don't do "Save File As" on the Button!
- If you need to save to a specific folder go to your browser's preferences and set the default download folder to whatever path you like.

The downloaded plan will go to your browser's download folder.

 Download Limits

Currently there is a download limit of 50 plans per day (resets every 18 hours).

To see your current number of downloaded files please visit your User Account Settings.

Even with the download limit being reached you can still add plans to the Favorites.


The Favorites are like a basket you can use to house your favorite plans.

This function can be very useful if you are browsing on a device where you can't save like a tablet or a phone, or at work...

It is a good idea to pre-select the desired plans to the favorites and only then pick those you really like.

The plans saved to the Favorites will remain on your account until you delete them.


The plans shared by members are the soul of the website, without them all of this would be impossible...

There are several ways to share, if you just have a few plans to share you can use the upload form, just follow the link above, if you have many plans to share you can mail me a CD or DVD or you can upload them to this Google Drive folder.

If you only have plans on paper thats great too, I have a large format scanner waiting for your plans, please contact me so we can discuss the mailing of the plans.

If you forgot your AeroFred password there is no problem, just visit the page linked above and type the email address you used at registration, if you get a green message just go to that email inbox and use the supplied login details.

If you get an "Invalid email address" message its because you inserted an email that is not in the database so its not the one you used at registration, you can use it to create a new account if you like or you can contact me so I can try to find your old login details...

 Changing the password

To change your account's password you have to log in and at the to right corner click your username and then click Account Settings. On your Account's Settings click the tab Password and change the password saving at the end.

 Something missing?

Need explanations on other topics regarding the use of the website? Please contact me with your doubts, I'll try to update this page...

 Something not working?

If you found something wrong with the website please let me know, I´l correct it asap...

Share Your Plans With Us

AeroFred.com is a Plans Sharing Community, not just a website to grab some plans.

Every day thousands of modelers visit us and download free model airplane and boat plans, plans shared by other modelers...

If you have plans that are not here please upload them, so others can build from them.

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These numbers tend to reflect the use of the website with a few resets along the way...