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AeroFred.com focus on allowing modelers from around the world to share Model Airplanes related materials with each other, AeroFred.com is not an open website to download plans and model airplane related files, AeroFred.com is a community available only to it's members thus only it's members can upload and download content, to become a member you have to register and agree to the ToS (Terms of Service) in this page.
The contents of the website are generated by our members who spend countless hours working on editing plans and writing descriptions just to make sure that everyone entering this hobby can have the best information and support materials possible. Our members do the invaluable work of restoring old model airplanes plans and other model airplanes related content, saving it for future generations.
As a Member you agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated, copyrighted or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. You agree that the Editors and Administrators of this website have the right to remove or edit any content at any time they see fit.
The materials on the website are distributed without profit and by registering to this website you are expressing an interest in receiving the files you will download for research and/or educational purposes.
Prints ordered on this website are also sold without profit for research and/or educational purpose, same as the downloadable files, as a way to allow our members to access measures and dimensions when building model airplanes offline.
As Member you agree to any information you have entered above being stored in a database. While this information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent the webmaster and administrator cannot be held responsible for hacking attempts that may lead to the data being compromised. Full Privacy olicy can be found here.

This system uses cookies to store information on your local computer. These cookies do not contain any personal data, they only serve to provide you with information tailored to your individual needs like auto login, cookie consent authorization and other information regarding your usage of the website.
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New Members will also be included in the AeroFred Weekly Newsletter.
This is a newsletter sent usually at Tuesdays and Fridays and it includes the latest articles, latest plans, latest edits, recommended builds and latest building logs.
You will always receive the first issue, if you wish to continue to receive the newsletter just do nothing, if you wish to cancel your subscription just go to the bottom of the email and click the opt-out link.
The actual newsletter is in html format, it's contents are the same as in this page.
It is forbiden the interaction and download of any content residing on AeroFred.com server without the use of a web browser. Every request for content must be posted by a human user via web browser, automated offline browsing tools by means of ready made software or custom made scripting is forbidden.
The server firewall will automatically detect this kind of activity and your account will be canceled, your IP address and IP sub-range will be blocked. A complaint letter describing your activities, access times and used IP addresses will be sent to your ISP Abuse Department. Unless you change ISP you will no longer be able to access the website.
Abusers may be charged on bandwidth usage exceeding 250Mb per 24 hours period at a rate of 10.00 Euros per Mb. We log IP addresses, server requests and access time.
Donations and Subscriptions
Donating and Subscribing to the site is optional, there are other ways to contribute like sharing plans or helping us to edit listings. When you download a plan you are presented with a screen suggesting you to contribute to the site, it´s a way to help us to stay afloat but you are not obligated to do so, you can just ignore this suggestions. When you agree to donate via Paypal you can do it once or monthly, this is very well explained in the download scree you see when you download a plan, if you choose to donate you are doing it voluntarily.
Ads and Ad Blockers
Developing and maintaining a website costs money, fortunately we can get this money with the help of Google Ads and the Advertisers they bring us, this revenue along with sporadic donations we receive have been enough to keep the site going. As so, the use of ad blocking plugins is not recommended, these plugins may be very useful when you visit dubious sites and surely help to protect against scripts that may be on some ads but here all ads are served by Google so they are completely safe and harmless to your computer. Please set your ads blocker to allow ads from Aerofred.com. If you have any problems with our ads please take a printscreen of the ad and send it to us so we can block that advertiser.
To make things less annoying we do not use any of Google Partner Networks or flash, video or expandable ads, only text and image ads.
Legal disputes
By accepting the current TOS you are agreeing to resolve any dispute regarding any subject related to Aerofred.com, his owners and his members in a court of law in Lisbon, Portugal, to be designated by an Aerofred.com legal representative.
Membership Cancellation
Aerofred.com is free to cancel your membership at any time and will not be obligated to any kind of indemnification. You are free to submit a request to cancel your membership at any time, when you do so you agree to delete any files or any other type of content obtained from this website from your digital and physical storage.
To have your account deleted you must provide the email address used for registration and the username for the account.

For more and complete information please visit the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use pages.