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    White Trash model airplane plan

    White Trash  ( 120 in. / 304.8 cm )

    PDF Bitmap Wood Model Airplane Plans

    "White Trash" is a 120" span, polyhedral thermal duration glider designed by Rick Walters, an extremely talented sailplane pilot with r/c models and full-scale soarers. Rick designed...

    White Trash Details:
    Type: Glider
    Class: Radio-Control
    Use: Thermal
    Wingspan: 120 in. / 304.8 cm
    Publisher: Model Builder
    Designer: Rick Walters
    Date: 01/1972
    Plan File Info:
    ID: 99051
    File Size: 433.0 KB
    Added: 26/02/2017 11:01
    Updated: 02/03/17 01:02:57pm

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    Tiger Panzer model airplane plan

    Tiger Panzer  ( 56 in. / 142.2 cm )

    PDF Bitmap Wood Model Airplane Plans

    The Tiger Panzer, designed by Rick Brand in the early 70s, was designed for FAI aerobatic competition, powered by a strong .60 CID glow engine. The plane bears a more than passing resemblance to the...

    Tiger Panzer Details:
    Type: Airplane
    Class: Radio-Control
    Use: Pattern
    Motor: Glow-Powered
    Wingspan: 56 in. / 142.2 cm
    Publisher: RC Modeler magazine
    Designer: Rick Brand
    Date: 9/1972
    Plan File Info:
    ID: 91537
    File Size: 1.7 MB
    Added: 24/05/2015 10:15
    Updated: 23/12/15 11:35:04pm

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    Schweizer SGU 1-19 model airplane plan

    Schweizer SGU 1-19  ( 22 in. / 55.9 cm )

    PDF Bitmap Wood Model Airplane Plans

    The Schweizer SGU 1-19 is a single-seat glider trainer produced by Schweizer Aircraft starting in the mid-1940s. Model designer Rick Foch has generated a 22" span free flight sport model of this...

    Schweizer SGU 1-19 Details:
    Type: Glider
    Class: Free-Flight
    Use: Thermal
    Wingspan: 22 in. / 55.9 cm
    Publisher: Rick Foch
    Designer: Rick Foch
    Date: 01/2001
    Plan File Info:
    ID: 90654
    File Size: 167.0 KB
    Added: 24/05/2015 10:14
    Updated: 01/01/16 07:11:02am

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    Carbon Stik 3D model airplane plan

    Carbon Stik 3D  ( 26 in. / 66 cm )

    CAD Foam Model Airplane Plans

    Carbon Stik 3D. Type Model RC Sport. Wingspan 26in.Shoulder. Engine Electric. Control 4 channels. Designer Rick Haskin

    Carbon Stik 3D Details:
    Type: Airplane
    Class: Radio-Control
    Use: Sport
    Motor: Electric-Powered
    Wingspan: 26 in. / 66 cm
    Designer: Rick Haskin
    Plan File Info:
    ID: 17957
    File Size: 87.4 KB
    Added: 17/03/2007 12:24
    Updated: 16/05/16 10:53:20am

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      Free-Flight / Thermal / 29 in. / 73.7 cm Span
      Monsoon Clipper 29in model airplane plan
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      Sophisticated Lady
      Radio-Control / Civilian / 78.7 in. / 200 cm Span
      Sophisticated Lady model airplane plan
       565 Sailplane Not-Powered Civilian
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