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    Peterson J-4 Javelin model airplane plan

    Peterson J-4 Javelin  ( 100=+/- in. / 254 cm )

    3 Views of Airplanes for Model Airplane Design

    Sailplane multi-view

    Peterson J-4 Javelin Details:
    Type: Sailplane
    Class: Radio-Control
    Motor: Not-Powered
    Wingspan: 100=+/- in. / 254 cm
    Publisher: Vincent Crockett
    Designer: Vincent Crockett
    Date: 01/2020
    Plan File Info:
    ID: 102527
    File Size: 2.1 MB
    Downloads: 127
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    Listing Editor: mlavia51
    Added: 26/02/2020 00:12

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    OFFSHORE model airplane plan


    Boats and Sailboats Models Plans


    Plan File Info:
    ID: 97665
    File Size: 2.6 MB
    Downloads: 502
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    Listing Editor: augier
    Added: 29/12/2016 10:07
    Updated: 29/12/16 10:25:14am

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    Cannonitis model airplane plan


    Boats and Sailboats Models Plans

    Cannonitis. Plan 696. Type Model RC Sport Boat. Length 25.5in. Beam 15.5in. Engine Glow Outboard K&B 3.5cc Control 2 channels. Designer Dan Vincent. Magazine RCModeler Aug.1977.

    Cannonitis Details:
    Type: Boat
    Class: Radio-Control
    Use: Sport
    Motor: Glow-Powered
    Publisher: RCModeler
    Designer: Dan Vincent
    Date: 08/1977
    Plan File Info:
    ID: 97112
    File Size: 82.7 KB
    Downloads: 177
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    Listing Editor: hlsat
    Added: 23/07/2016 18:10
    Updated: 23/07/16 07:10:23pm

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    Lockheed Vega 1929 model airplane plan

    Lockheed Vega 1929  ( 31 in. / 78.7 cm )

    PDF Bitmap Wood Plans from Magazines

    This is a free flight semi-scale airliner airplane designed to be flown outdoors

    Lockheed Vega 1929 Details:
    Type: Airplane
    Class: Free-Flight
    Use: Airliner
    Motor: Rubber-Band-Powered
    Wingspan: 31 in. / 78.7 cm
    Publisher: Popular Science
    Designer: Vincent Johnstone
    Date: 09/1929
    Plan File Info:
    ID: 82465
    File Size: 1.3 MB
    Downloads: 44
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    Listing Editor: gkraemer
    Added: 31/03/2015 15:42
    Updated: 16/10/17 12:55:03am

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    L19 model airplane plan

    L19  ( 46 in. / 116.8 cm )

    PDF Bitmap Wood Plans from Magazines

    A semi-scale Cessna L-19 Bird-Dog, the proportions have been tweaked to make it suitable for single channel RC. Easy conversion to electric and more channels.

    L19 Details:
    Type: Airplane
    Class: Radio-Control
    Use: Observation
    Motor: Glow-Powered
    Wingspan: 46 in. / 116.8 cm
    Designer: Vincent Micchia
    Date: 06/1966
    Plan File Info:
    ID: 80194
    File Size: 2.0 MB
    Downloads: 225
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    Listing Editor: ramblejeff
    Added: 25/03/2015 19:41
    Updated: 04/02/17 06:49:54am

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