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Bellanca 1912 model airplane plan

Bellanca 1912


Giuseppe Bellanca baute sein erstes Flugzeug im Jahr 1912. Es widersprach den populären Entwürfen der damaligen Zeit, da sein Motor vorne und sein Leitwerk hinten war! Und obwohl dies heute die...

Bellanca 1912 Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Xperimental
Motor: Glow-Powered
Wingspan: 160cm-To-200cm (63in-To-79in)
Publisher: FMT
Designer: Willy Bender
Date: 05/1980
Plan File Info:
ID: 104192
File Size: 10.0 MB
Downloads: 448
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EXTRAVIADOR SENIOR model airplane plan

EXTRAVIADOR SENIOR  ( 30.3 in. / 77 cm )

Various American Companies

The "SENIOR EXTRAVIATOR" was a glider kit from Casa Aerobras in São Paulo, with an estimated release date of around 1948/1950. It was a glider of simple construction, with a wingspan of 77...

Type: Glider
Class: Free-Flight
Use: Thermal
Motor: Not-Powered
Wingspan: 30.3 in. / 77 cm
Date: 01/1950
Plan File Info:
ID: 104187
File Size: 4.0 MB
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Updated: 20/03/23 11:26:35pm

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Cosmo T1 model airplane plan

Cosmo T1  ( 23.6 in. / 60 cm )

Various European Companies

Easy-to-build free flight glider. Materials 2mm bamboo sticks (steam bent), a few pieces of aluminum tube, 6x8x470mm hardwood engine rod, plastic nose, pylon and tail bed, Japanese paper. Cosmo T1...

Cosmo T1 Details:
Type: Glider
Class: Free-Flight
Motor: Not-Powered
Wingspan: 23.6 in. / 60 cm
Publisher: Cosmo Wood Craft Model CO.
Designer: unknown
Plan File Info:
ID: 104182
File Size: 643.3 KB
Downloads: 127
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Micro model airplane plan

Micro  ( 7.25 in. / 18.4 cm )


Dubbed the "World's smallest" in RCM&E Sept 1989

Micro Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Sport
Motor: Glow-Powered
Wingspan: 7.25 in. / 18.4 cm
Publisher: RCM&E
Designer: Bob Ryan
Date: 09/1989
Plan File Info:
ID: 104174
File Size: 2.9 MB
Downloads: 270
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Listing Editor: Boomerang15
Added: 07/11/2022 04:33

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canardly model airplane plan

canardly  ( 11 in. / 28 cm )

Plans Designed by Members

canard depron free flight model, utilising a capacitor as power supply build log here : https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2932219-the-canardly#post38015391 forgot to add, the dihedral...

canardly Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Free-Flight
Motor: Electric-Powered
Wingspan: 11 in. / 28 cm
Publisher: scruffy1
Designer: scruffy1
Date: 04/2017
Plan File Info:
ID: 104014
File Size: 863.3 KB
Downloads: 283
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Added: 07/06/2022 08:19
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Electro Screamer model airplane plan

Electro Screamer  ( 32.5 in. / 82.6 cm )

Model Builder

A high-wing RC Sport model for the HiLine Red Flame Blaster (64mm 50W) fan and 6-cell 500mAh NiCd pack. Lots of scope for modernisation to a high blade count fan and appropriate LiPo pack.

Electro Screamer Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Sport
Motor: Electric-Powered
Wingspan: 32.5 in. / 82.6 cm
Publisher: Model Builder
Designer: Don Belfort
Date: 01/1995
Plan File Info:
ID: 103991
File Size: 2.8 MB
Downloads: 347
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Listing Editor: hlsat
Added: 03/05/2022 11:00
Updated: 04/05/22 12:48:12pm

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ACROBATE 2800 model airplane plan



RC Acrobatic Glider with El. motor. Plan was included at MRA June 2009 magazine.

ACROBATE 2800 Details:
Type: Glider
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Acro
Motor: Electric-Powered
Wingspan: More-Than-260cm (102in)
Publisher: MRA
Designer: Pascal Delannoy
Date: 06/2009
Plan File Info:
ID: 103939
File Size: 1.1 MB
Downloads: 475
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Listing Editor: PATRIKPS1
Added: 12/02/2022 21:48

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SENTOSA 1500 model airplane plan


Various Asiatic Companies

A nice RC Glider produced by OK Model Co., Ltd. I bought from Singapore back to 2009. I did not manage to build it yet. I hope that you will joy it.

SENTOSA 1500 Details:
Type: Glider
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Thermal
Motor: Electric-Powered
Wingspan: 125cm-To-160cm (50in-To-63in)
Publisher: OK MODEL CO., LTD
Designer: Tom Takamatsu
Date: 12/1999
Plan File Info:
ID: 103936
File Size: 3.9 MB
Downloads: 641
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: PATRIKPS1
Added: 12/02/2022 20:43

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Fish Eagle 1500mm model airplane plan

Fish Eagle 1500mm  ( 59.1 in. / 150 cm )

PDF Vector Foam Plans

Own Design Bird of Prey scale model based on the African Fish Eagle. Airframe and parts plan, an intermediate to novice level build requiring some experience and intuition to finish properly. Can be...

Fish Eagle 1500mm Details:
Type: Glider
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Slope
Motor: Not-Powered
Wingspan: 59.1 in. / 150 cm
Publisher: ©FlyMachine Studios 2021-2022
Designer: Darren-Edward O\'Neill
Date: 08/2021
Plan File Info:
ID: 103934
File Size: 624.4 KB
Downloads: 1132
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: wingnutzster
Added: 02/02/2022 07:43
Updated: 02/02/22 07:46:36am

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rzutek model airplane plan

rzutek  ( 39.4 in. / 100 cm )


found on the web

rzutek Details:
Type: Glider
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Slope
Motor: Not-Powered
Wingspan: 39.4 in. / 100 cm
Date: 07/2020
Plan File Info:
ID: 103925
File Size: 71.0 KB
Downloads: 540
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Listing Editor: hagay1974
Added: 23/01/2022 22:32
Updated: 25/01/22 07:46:34am

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