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    ZLIN Z226A  "AKROBAT" model airplane plan

    ZLIN Z226A "AKROBAT"  ( 30.7 in. / 78 cm )

    PDF Bitmap Wood Plans from Magazines

    Avión para vuelo circular, susceptible de pasarlo a RC eléctrico. Lo redibujé en papel vegetal en el año 1970, en el 2022 lo mande escanear, lo he rescatado del baúl de los recuerdos donde...

    ZLIN Z226A "AKROBAT" Details:
    Type: Airplane
    Class: Control-Line
    Use: Acro
    Motor: Diesel-Powered
    Wingspan: 30.7 in. / 78 cm
    Publisher: Revista FLAPS
    Designer: Julio Toledo del Valle
    Date: 03/1970
    Plan File Info:
    ID: 104170
    File Size: 4.1 MB
    Downloads: 559
    Comments: 0
    Listing Editor: Filemon
    Added: 01/10/2022 15:59
    Updated: 01/10/22 04:59:48pm

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    Fauvel AV 221 model airplane plan

    Fauvel AV 221  ( 108.3 in. / 275 cm )

    Full Size PDF Plans, Vectorial, Wood

    Found this plans in a old spanish Flaps magazine circa 1970. Redraw in CAD by myself . Original plans designed by B. Perrier based on the plans for building an full size Fauvel AV 221.

    Fauvel AV 221 Details:
    Type: Glider
    Class: Radio-Control
    Use: Civilian
    Motor: Glow-Powered
    Wingspan: 108.3 in. / 275 cm
    Publisher: Flaps
    Designer: B. Perrier
    Date: 01/1970
    Plan File Info:
    ID: 99664
    File Size: 356.7 KB
    Downloads: 1107
    Comments: 7
    Listing Editor: baco
    Added: 31/10/2017 04:33
    Updated: 18/01/19 06:12:09pm

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    Dornier 335-A11 model airplane plan

    Dornier 335-A11  ( 83 in. / 210.8 cm )

    PDF Bitmap Wood Plans from American Companies

    Type Model: Radio Control, WW2, German, Fighter, Twin engine pusher & tractor engines Construction: Built-up balsa Wingspan:83 inches, low wing, dihedral Engine: twin engine; 2 X 10 cc Plan...

    Dornier 335-A11 Details:
    Type: Airplane
    Class: Radio-Control
    Use: Fighter
    Motor: Glow-Powered
    Wingspan: 83 in. / 210.8 cm
    Publisher: Revista El Aeromodelista
    Plan File Info:
    ID: 80788
    File Size: 3.7 MB
    Downloads: 801
    Comments: 0
    Listing Editor: kenb
    Added: 26/03/2015 16:04
    Updated: 24/04/16 09:31:34pm

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