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There are 2 Model Airplane Plans on 1 pages. Currently displaying plan 1 to 2

    Pichi Fun model airplane plan

    Pichi Fun  ( 50.8 in. / 129 cm )

    CAD Wood Model Airplane Plans

    Designer and constructor

    Pichi Fun Details:
    Type: Airplane
    Class: Radio-Control
    Use: Sport
    Motor: Glow-Powered
    Wingspan: 50.8 in. / 129 cm
    Publisher: Sergio Piccinelli
    Designer: Sergio Piccinelli
    Plan File Info:
    ID: 99318
    File Size: 202.7 KB
    Downloads: 422
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    Listing Editor: Pichi_arg
    Added: 28/04/2017 16:29

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    Tupynike Jr (20-25) model airplane plan

    Tupynike Jr (20-25)  ( 39.75 in. / 101 cm )

    PDF Bitmap Wood Model Airplane Plans (2)

    Tupynike Jr Here we have the plans set from the 'Tupynike Jr', an original design made by Sergio A Daeuble, a series that started its life in the 80's. The model has a wingspan of 39.75 inches,...

    Tupynike Jr (20-25) Details:
    Type: Airplane
    Class: Control-Line
    Use: Acro
    Motor: Glow-Powered
    Wingspan: 39.75 in. / 101 cm
    Publisher: Sergio A Daeuble
    Designer: Sergio A Daeuble
    Date: 1980´s
    Plan File Info:
    ID: 95951
    File Size: 445.9 KB
    Downloads: 144
    Comments: 0
    Listing Editor: stg61abc
    Added: 22/02/2016 03:12
    Updated: 05/03/16 03:59:39pm

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