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    M.V. Sport model airplane plan

    M.V. Sport  ( 55 in. / 139.7 cm )


    M.V. Sport. Plan 976. Type Model RC Sport Acrobatic.. Wingspan 55in.Lowwing. Engine Glow .40 Control 4 channels. Greek Designer Nick Stamos. Magazine RCModeler Sep.1986.

    M.V. Sport Details:
    Type: Airplane
    Class: Radio-Control
    Use: Acro
    Motor: Glow-Powered
    Wingspan: 55 in. / 139.7 cm
    Publisher: RCModeler
    Designer: Nick Stamos
    Date: 09/1986
    Plan File Info:
    ID: 96982
    File Size: 840.4 KB
    Downloads: 223
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    Listing Editor: hlsat
    Added: 18/06/2016 17:34
    Updated: 18/06/16 06:34:45pm

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    Spinifex 100 model airplane plan

    Spinifex 100


    Spinifex 100. Plan 975. Type Model RC Sport Glider. Wingspan 100in. Control 3 channels. Designer John O Sallivan. Magazine RCModeler Sep.1986.

    Spinifex 100 Details:
    Type: Sailplane
    Class: Radio-Control
    Wingspan: 200cm-To-260cm (79in-To-102in)
    Publisher: RCModeler
    Designer: John O Sallivan
    Date: 09/1986
    Plan File Info:
    ID: 92223
    File Size: 1.7 MB
    Downloads: 460
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    Listing Editor: hlsat
    Added: 03/06/2015 19:03

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    Bok-5 model airplane plan

    Bok-5  ( 19 in. / 48.3 cm )

    Walt Mooney

    Bok-5 Type Model FF Scale Civil. Wingspan 19in.Lowwing. Engine Rubber. Designer Walt Mooney. Date September 1986

    Bok-5 Details:
    Type: Airplane
    Class: Free-Flight
    Use: Civilian
    Motor: Rubber-Band-Powered
    Wingspan: 19 in. / 48.3 cm
    Publisher: Model Builder
    Designer: Walt Mooney
    Date: 09/1986
    Plan File Info:
    ID: 79044
    File Size: 847.6 KB
    Downloads: 93
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    Added: 25/03/2015 01:37
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