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Sorcerer model airplane plan

Sorcerer  ( 18 in. / 45.7 cm )

Model Aircraft

I built a scaled down 11" one from depron and flew it on 1s Power with a toy plane controller and two motors. I didn't put on an engine extension like the plan, but was able to balance the...

Sorcerer Details:
Type: UFO
Class: Free-Flight
Use: Sport
Motor: Glow-Powered
Wingspan: 18 in. / 45.7 cm
Publisher: Model Aircraft
Designer: John Taylor
Date: 04/1955
Plan File Info:
ID: 103438
File Size: 346.6 KB
Downloads: 164
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Listing Editor: Jockywilson11
Added: 18/05/2021 15:58
Updated: 21/06/21 09:36:52am

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Gimlet model airplane plan

Gimlet  ( 41 in. / 104.1 cm )

Model Airplane News

Built and flew my 1st one about 63 years ago when in high school. Published in Model Airplane News, October 1956 with construction article. I don't have article but I think it's on the web if you...

Gimlet Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Motor: Glow-Powered
Wingspan: 41 in. / 104.1 cm
Publisher: Model Airplane News
Designer: Phil Kraft
Date: 10/1956
Plan File Info:
ID: 103321
File Size: 1.3 MB
Downloads: 138
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Listing Editor: Smudgie
Added: 17/03/2021 01:43
Updated: 17/03/21 07:02:33pm

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Stiletto model airplane plan

Stiletto  ( 60.2 in. / 153 cm )

PDF Bitmap

This is the famous and Control Line World Champion Stiletto by Les McDonalds. But let me tell you a little bit of me, my father and how we restored this plan. My father is a veteran from the 80's...

Stiletto Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Control-Line
Use: Acro
Motor: Glow-Powered
Wingspan: 60.2 in. / 153 cm
Publisher: Juan Velasquez Jr
Designer: Les McDonald\\\\\'s
Date: 08/2020
Plan File Info:
ID: 103285
File Size: 1.4 MB
Downloads: 111
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Listing Editor: JF514
Added: 01/03/2021 01:32
Updated: 01/03/21 01:55:59pm

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SOLARIS (25_35) - by  Eduardo Belmonte model airplane plan

SOLARIS (25_35) - by Eduardo Belmonte

Full Size PDF Plans, Vectorial, Wood

Dear Fred and Aerofred friends, let me present you a very nice project called "Solaris", a profile stunt flapped trainer with a wingspan of 40.16 inches and fuse lenght of 28.25" This...

Plan File Info:
ID: 103123
File Size: 163.3 KB
Downloads: 90
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Listing Editor: stg61abc
Added: 03/11/2020 04:22
Updated: 03/11/20 04:23:01am

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Super Sportster 40 mk2 model airplane plan

Super Sportster 40 mk2  ( 55 in. / 139.7 cm )

Full Size CAD Format Plans, Wood

This plan is a modernization / redesign of the Great Planes Super Sportster 40 that was immensely popular in the mid 90's. My intent with the redesign/update was to convert the plane to electric and...

Super Sportster 40 mk2 Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Sport
Motor: Electric-Powered
Wingspan: 55 in. / 139.7 cm
Publisher: John Hess
Designer: Don Anderson
Date: 08/2020
Plan File Info:
ID: 102977
File Size: 162.6 KB
Downloads: 389
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Listing Editor: madmax7774
Added: 18/08/2020 18:25
Updated: 18/08/20 07:28:33pm

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Tiny Toni model airplane plan

Tiny Toni  ( 22.75 in. / 57.8 cm )

PDF Bitmap

Tiny Toni is a profile electric pylon racer for nominal 25 gram 1900kv brushless motors using a 500 to 1,000 mah 3-S LiPo battery. Wing span is 22.75 inches. Weight is 240 to 270 grams. With...

Tiny Toni Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Pylon-Racer
Motor: Electric-Powered
Wingspan: 22.75 in. / 57.8 cm
Designer: David Boyll
Date: 08/2020
Plan File Info:
ID: 102952
File Size: 1.5 MB
Downloads: 296
Comments: 1
Listing Editor: VAMclubflyer
Added: 16/08/2020 00:54
Updated: 19/03/21 10:38:56pm

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MXS-R model airplane plan

MXS-R  ( 53.1 in. / 135 cm )99.00 Eur.

Eclipson Kits

3D printed version of Nigel Lamb´s MXS-R. This is a versatile model that can be used like as sports, race or aerobatic plane, compatible with PLA/PETG or LW-PLA, by choosing one or the other...

MXS-R Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Acro
Motor: Electric-Powered
Wingspan: 53.1 in. / 135 cm
Publisher: Eclipson Models
Designer: Eclipson
Date: 02/2020
Plan File Info:
ID: 102573
File Size: 552.4 KB
Downloads: 513
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Listing Editor: Eclipson
Added: 13/04/2020 12:54
Updated: 13/04/20 03:21:53pm

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B-25J Mitchell model airplane plan

B-25J Mitchell  ( 67.7 in. / 172 cm )225.00 Eur.

3DLabPrint Kits

One word: "Astonishing" The guys at 3dLabs listened and here it is, the new B-25 is a spectacular warbird, it´s big, it´s easy to build, it flies really well, it sounds menacing, just...

B-25J Mitchell Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Bomber
Motor: Electric-Powered
Wingspan: 67.7 in. / 172 cm
Publisher: 3DLabPrint
Designer: 3dlabprint
Date: 12/2019
Plan File Info:
ID: 102402
File Size: 3.7 MB
Downloads: 1537
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: 3dlabprint
Added: 04/12/2019 20:00
Updated: 16/06/20 08:28:49am

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PZL P-11c (30% Scaled up) model airplane plan

PZL P-11c (30% Scaled up)  ( 56.3 in. / 143 cm )325.00 Eur.

3DLabGang Kits

This is a scaled up version of the PZL-11 Model that can be found here: https://aerofred.com/details.php?image_id=102309 As with all scaled versions this one will also require adjustments on your...

PZL P-11c (30% Scaled up) Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Fighter
Motor: Electric-Powered
Wingspan: 56.3 in. / 143 cm
Publisher: 3DLabGang
Designer: PrintBeat
Plan File Info:
ID: 102354
File Size: 766.6 KB
Downloads: 407
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: 3dlabprint
Added: 05/11/2019 18:01
Updated: 29/05/20 03:20:09pm

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KK_eaglet model airplane plan


PDF Bitmap Wood Plans from Magazines

Serbest model uçak kategorisinde yer alır pervaneli bir modeldir. (oz597) kartal yavrusu Keil Kraft dan 24in açıklıklı Kauçuk F / F Kabin tüm formülleri tamamlandı :) Çevrimiçi...

Plan File Info:
ID: 102353
File Size: 1.0 MB
Downloads: 293
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: Uzay1798n
Added: 05/11/2019 10:33
Updated: 05/11/19 10:33:34am

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Free-Flight / Racing / 20 in. / 50.8 cm Span
Caudron C.460 model airplane plan
 137 Airplane Rubber-Band-Powered Racing
Bellanca Aries
Free-Flight / Civilian / 13 in. / 33 cm Span
Bellanca Aries model airplane plan
 103 Airplane Rubber-Band-Powered Civilian
Free-Flight / Fighter / 18.5 in. / 47 cm Span
Nieuport-Delage model airplane plan
 149 Airplane Rubber-Band-Powered Fighter
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