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Common issues

Most of the emails we receive are related to these simple subjects, maybe you answer it's here.

This is excellent news for our members! We would love to share your plans with the world, there are a few ways for this to happen:

  • Upload the plans yourself. -The plans will be kept under your account and you will be able to manage them all the time, add photos, versions, videos, articles...
  • Upload them to our GoogleDrive folder. -You must have a Google account and then go to our shared folder and click "Add to Drive" button. Then from your google drive upload the plans.
  • Email me the plans. -Should be individual files. Use this option only for few plans, please.

All these and other options are available from the Share Plans page.

We do not keep plans at home, everything we have is on the site, that´s why the site was created!

If you can´t find it after using the search.

  1. Try searching again with different keywords using the auto complete from the search bar to see what´s similar. Maybe the plan it´s here after all.
  2. Register at the forum and leave a post in the Wanted Plans thread.
  3. Post a request on RCGroups or RCUniverse or some other Forum.

If you find the plans elsewhere please share it with us!

Just click the blue download button!

All plans are free to download, all you have to do is register/login and at the plan listing page click the blue "Download Plan" button, the button looks like this:
Download Plan

The registration is simple

  1. Read and accept the Terms of Use
  2. Choose a username, password and type your email address so we can send you a verification email.
  3. If you can't read the verification code click the "Cycle" button to get a new one. Type that number.
  4. Open your email inbox and click the link in the verification email
  5. You will be taken to the webstite and a congratulations message will be displayed.
  6. Login and start Downloading and Uploading.

If you still have problems registering, please send us a message with the desired username and account's email address, we can register for you.

There are two different systems!

There are two separate systems to the Forum and Plans site, if you want to use both you have to register on both, you may use the same email, username and password but keep in mind that if you change the password on one it won´t change in the other.

If you still have problems registering, please send us a message with the desired username and account's email address, we can register for you.

You are may be mistyping your login details or your browser is filling in wrong login details automatically.

If your account is new and you haven´t verified it yet. Go to your email and click the verification link we sent you.

If you get the "Invalid Email" message then you´re mistyping the email address or we don´t have that email in the database or more than 24 hours have passed since you registered without verifying your account so it was deleted automatically.You can use that same email for a new account and don´t forget to verify it this time.

If you still have problems registering, please send us a message with the email address you´re experiencing issues at log in so we can sort it out.

Login to your account and go to your account settings.

  • Select the Personal Info tab
  • Change the email and confirm.
  • Save.

Are you using an Adblock plugin?

Ads Blocking plugins are not allowed because they destroy the only source of revenue that actually pays for the server monthly fee, if you are using one of them please disable it or turn it off because your plugin is not only blocking the ads but also the plans and all the related content. The Ads on the website are few, simple, non intrusive and provided directly by Google so they are harmless.

Time to get a new one.

-To automatically request a new password you can use this form.

-The system will generate a new password and send it to your email address (to the email address we have stored on your account).

-If you don't remember what email address you used on your account please contact us so we can investigate the issue.

-If the email address you currently use is not on our system you can just create a new account and start using the site right away.

If you request multiple passwords only the last one to be generated and sent will be valid so please wait a few minutes for the email to arrive.

Probably you mistyped your email address.

When you mistype your email address you won't receive the registration email but we receive a returned email from your mail server so, when we can figure out what's wrong we try to correct and forward the registration email to you. Usually this is not possible so please triple check your email address before submitting.

Some mail servers just refuse our emails, terra.com.br is one of them. If you just don't receive out emails you will have to create an account on gmail or hotmail or fill a complaint with your mail server but this last option will most certainly not solve your problem.

That's the best news you can give us!

There are several ways you can contribute to make this site better:

  • Becoming an editor. -Editors can edit plans attributes making them easier to find by everyone, in the process they spend many enjoyable hours seeing and analising new plans, collecting info, writing articles, adding photos and videos... This is the best way to contribute.
  • If you don't have that much time to spare but still have some plans to share you can upload them to the site here. People from around the world will download and build from your plans.
  • We've recently opened a forum so participating and helping others is also a great way to contribute.
  • Donations. -Maintaning a site like this costs money, it's not a fortune but any halp matters, we accept Paypal donations to help to pay the server fees. Our time is our donation to the project.

Registering is only half of the process, you have to validate the registration and you only have 24 hours to do it or your newly created account will be deleted and you will have to register again.

As a safety measure we require that after registering a user verify his identity. If we didn't do this anyone would be able to register with your email address it would be just a mater of typing it in the registration form!

The Account Settings is where you control your account settings and preferences.

To go to your Account Settings page:

  1. Login
  2. At the top right corner, click User Menu.
  3. Click Account Settings

This is where you can change your privacy settings, email address, password, check download count, your owned plans, the editor menu if you'r an Editor and important messages from the Admin.

There are a few ways to do it:

  1. You can signup for Google Adwords and place your ads on AeroFred.com
  2. You can sponsor a category or a page with a banner.
  3. You can share interesting and unique Airplane or Boat plans and we'll create a category for you with a custom header, links...
  4. You can buy a cross site footer or header (full width 30px height) strip to be served from your server so you can change it whenever you want.

Please contact us to discuss all the details.

If you have questions regarding the construction of wood or 3D printed models please use the forum here

This way everybody will be able to benefit from the answers and I won´t have to reply the same things over and over again.

We ask our members to upload only public domain or own copyrighted contents but sometimes they may inadvertently upload files they shouldn´t, if you found a plan to which you own the copyrights you can ask us to remove, to do so please follow the DMCA procedure as explained in this page and we will review your query and immediately act accordingly.

We have a help page for other common issues:

Both pages have valuable information on how the site works.


We will be out from 10th of December to 17th of December..
All orders are welcome and we will be responding to emails but orders placed during this period will only be processed and shipped after we return.

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