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BAe Jetstream 41 1500mm model airplane plan

BAe Jetstream 41 1500mm  ( 59.1 in. / 150 cm )

PDF Vector Foam Plans

2021 design scale twin-turboprop, the Jetstream is made from hotwire cut foam in sections with balsa and carbon reinforcing, originally based on the Automa glider wing the profiles are given for a...

BAe Jetstream 41 1500mm Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Airliner
Motor: Electric-Powered
Wingspan: 59.1 in. / 150 cm
Publisher: ©FlyMachine Studios 2021-2022
Designer: Darren-Edward O'Neill
Date: 12/2021
Plan File Info:
ID: 103933
File Size: 12.8 MB
Downloads: 574
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: wingnutzster
Added: 02/02/2022 07:12
Updated: 02/02/22 07:12:55am

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Airacuda model airplane plan

Airacuda  ( 100 in. / 254 cm )

PDF Bitmap Wood Plans from Magazines

Dynamic RC Airacuda electric twin 100" span Two 1300 watt motors

Airacuda Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Motor: Electric-Powered
Wingspan: 100 in. / 254 cm
Designer: Tony Lewis
Plan File Info:
ID: 102727
File Size: 6.7 MB
Downloads: 418
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: Flyingtyger
Added: 12/07/2020 01:50
Updated: 12/07/20 02:50:51am

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Grumman F6F Hellcat model airplane plan

Grumman F6F Hellcat  ( 57 in. / 144.8 cm )

PDF Bitmap Wood Plans from Magazines

Grumman F6F Hellcat, Navy fighter designed and draw by Erick Fearnley, published on Model Airplane News. March 1977.

Grumman F6F Hellcat Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Fighter
Motor: Glow-Powered
Wingspan: 57 in. / 144.8 cm
Publisher: Model Airplane News
Designer: Erick Fearnley
Date: 03/1977
Plan File Info:
ID: 102670
File Size: 1.9 MB
Downloads: 1022
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: André
Added: 18/06/2020 13:41
Updated: 18/06/20 03:10:25pm

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Acrobas III model airplane plan

Acrobas III  ( 65 in. / 165 cm )

PDF Bitmap Wood Plans from Magazines

F3A Competition model for 61 2 Stroke engine from 1981. It was 2nd at 1982 F3A Spanish Championship flow by his designer Jesús Bas. It has integrated tuned pipe channel, full stab and flaps, the...

Acrobas III Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Pattern
Motor: Glow-Powered
Wingspan: 65 in. / 165 cm
Publisher: RC Model
Designer: Jesús Bas
Date: 10/1981
Plan File Info:
ID: 102421
File Size: 18.1 MB
Downloads: 500
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: Alfonsog
Added: 13/12/2019 16:21
Updated: 13/12/19 04:37:17pm

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B-25J Mitchell model airplane plan

B-25J Mitchell  ( 67.7 in. / 172 cm )225.00 Eur.

3DLabPrint Kits

One word: "Astonishing" The guys at 3dLabs listened and here it is, the new B-25 is a spectacular warbird, it´s big, it´s easy to build, it flies really well, it sounds menacing, just...

B-25J Mitchell Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Bomber
Motor: Electric-Powered
Wingspan: 67.7 in. / 172 cm
Publisher: 3DLabPrint
Designer: 3dlabprint
Date: 12/2019
Plan File Info:
ID: 102402
File Size: 3.7 MB
Downloads: 1632
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: 3dlabprint
Added: 04/12/2019 20:00
Updated: 16/06/20 08:28:49am

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Twin Turbo model airplane plan

Twin Turbo  ( 55 in. / 139.7 cm )

PDF Vector Foam Plans

this design is fairly simple to build. It has Flaps, a functional cargo door, a steerable nose wheel, 4 motor pods, 55" wingspan, a large cargo bay, twin rudders, and dual axles. Build video is...

Twin Turbo Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Cargo
Motor: Electric-Powered
Wingspan: 55 in. / 139.7 cm
Publisher: Jacob Carr
Designer: Jacob Carr
Date: 07/2019
Plan File Info:
ID: 102165
File Size: 123.6 KB
Downloads: 459
Comments: 6
Listing Editor: sigfazer
Added: 09/07/2019 03:47
Updated: 16/12/19 02:39:40pm

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Bowlus Baby Albatross model airplane plan

Bowlus Baby Albatross  ( 122 in. / 309.9 cm )

Model Builder

I draw this plan based on the drawings of Modelbuilder, it isnt perfect because the scan was poor but it is usable for a build.

Bowlus Baby Albatross Details:
Type: Glider
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Civilian
Motor: Not-Powered
Wingspan: 122 in. / 309.9 cm
Publisher: Model Builder
Designer: Bob Tacker
Date: 09/1975
Plan File Info:
ID: 102107
File Size: 3.2 MB
Downloads: 560
Comments: 2
Listing Editor: Hajo.m
Added: 15/05/2019 09:04
Updated: 15/05/19 10:17:36am

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Curare 60 model airplane plan

Curare 60

Full Size CAD Format Plans, Wood

This is a remix of various version of the legendary Curare as it appeared along the years. The idea is to provide a clean drafting of this model incorporating most of the original design as well as...

Curare 60 Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Acro
Motor: Glow-Powered
Wingspan: 125cm-To-160cm (50in-To-63in)
Designer: Hanno Prettner
Date: 12/1976
Plan File Info:
ID: 102008
File Size: 1.9 MB
Downloads: 1759
Comments: 3
Listing Editor: Mlucena
Added: 17/03/2019 23:45
Updated: 17/03/19 11:49:08pm

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Wilga 35 PZL-104 model airplane plan

Wilga 35 PZL-104  ( 112.2 in. / 285 cm )

PDF Bitmap Wood Plans from Magazines

Wilga 35 PZL-104 Plan is Full size. Type Model RC Scale Sport. Wingspan 285cm.Highwing. Engine Glow OPS .60 Twin. Control 6 channels. Designer Pedro Perez. Magazine Aerotec.

Wilga 35 PZL-104 Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Sport
Motor: Gas-Powered
Wingspan: 112.2 in. / 285 cm
Publisher: Aerotec
Designer: JME
Date: 05/1995
Plan File Info:
ID: 101821
File Size: 819.5 KB
Downloads: 1699
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: Pichi_arg
Added: 05/01/2019 18:56
Updated: 12/01/19 09:52:50am

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Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat model airplane plan

Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat  ( 60 in. / 152.4 cm )

Top Flite

The "red box" Bearcat by Top Flite was designed by Hal Parenti and issued in 1979. Aftermarket canopy is available from Parkflyer Plastics, and cowl from Fiberglass Specialties. Purists...

Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Fighter
Motor: Glow-Powered
Wingspan: 60 in. / 152.4 cm
Publisher: Top Flite
Designer: Hal Parenti
Date: 01/1979
Plan File Info:
ID: 101604
File Size: 3.7 MB
Downloads: 1345
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: ocoee96
Added: 17/08/2018 12:55
Updated: 21/06/19 09:22:18pm

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