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Cosmo T1 model airplane plan

Cosmo T1  ( 23.6 in. / 60 cm )

Various European Companies

Easy-to-build free flight glider. Materials 2mm bamboo sticks (steam bent), a few pieces of aluminum tube, 6x8x470mm hardwood engine rod, plastic nose, pylon and tail bed, Japanese paper. Cosmo T1...

Cosmo T1 Details:
Type: Glider
Class: Free-Flight
Motor: Not-Powered
Wingspan: 23.6 in. / 60 cm
Publisher: Cosmo Wood Craft Model CO.
Designer: unknown
Plan File Info:
ID: 104182
File Size: 643.3 KB
Downloads: 47
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: birhan
Added: 31/01/2023 21:45
Updated: 31/01/23 10:03:33pm

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PHOENIX - ACRO model airplane plan

PHOENIX - ACRO  ( 65 in. / 165.1 cm )

Full Size PDF Plans, Vectorial, Wood

Phoenix is a 65" span aerobatic plane for 0.40cu, designed by P. Sztencel. Plan was published in RCME magazine December 1990.

Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Acro
Motor: Glow-Powered
Wingspan: 65 in. / 165.1 cm
Publisher: RCM & E
Designer: P.Sztencel
Date: 12/1990
Plan File Info:
ID: 104028
File Size: 1.2 MB
Downloads: 335
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: Slider98
Added: 16/07/2022 08:53
Updated: 11/01/23 04:45:20pm

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PAULISTINHA (09)_AEROBRAS & DAEUBLE model airplane plan

PAULISTINHA (09)_AEROBRAS & DAEUBLE  ( 28.7 in. / 73 cm )

PDF Bitmap Wood Plans from American Companies


Type: Airplane
Class: Control-Line
Use: Civilian
Motor: Glow-Powered
Wingspan: 28.7 in. / 73 cm
Publisher: AEROBRAS
Designer: AEROBRAS
Date: 01/1960
Plan File Info:
ID: 104026
File Size: 300.2 KB
Downloads: 353
Comments: 2
Listing Editor: stg61abc
Added: 15/07/2022 02:56
Updated: 15/07/22 11:22:09pm

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Helio Courier YL-24 model airplane plan

Helio Courier YL-24  ( 38.75 in. / 98.4 cm )


This plan depicts a real aircraft: Helio H-391 YL-24 Courier (52-2540) US Army, in the 1950s.

Helio Courier YL-24 Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Observation
Motor: Gas-Powered
Wingspan: 38.75 in. / 98.4 cm
Publisher: Berkeley Models
Designer: Henry Struck
Date: 01/1952
Plan File Info:
ID: 104025
File Size: 844.4 KB
Downloads: 408
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: lastivka
Added: 03/07/2022 12:27
Updated: 03/07/22 01:35:27pm

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Aero Commander 680 Super Full Plan model airplane plan

Aero Commander 680 Super Full Plan  ( 54 in. / 137.2 cm )


Nice control line Model

Aero Commander 680 Super Full Plan Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Control-Line
Use: Sport
Motor: Glow-Powered
Wingspan: 54 in. / 137.2 cm
Publisher: Aero Modeller
Plan File Info:
ID: 104024
File Size: 8.2 MB
Downloads: 227
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: skippydi
Added: 27/06/2022 11:33
Updated: 27/06/22 12:33:55pm

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"PAULISTINHA" model airplane plan

"PAULISTINHA"  ( 37.4 in. / 95 cm )

Full Size PDF Plans, Vectorial, Wood

Traditional and well succeeded kit from the late Casa Aerobras from São Paulo. It was a semi scale kit for scale C/L flying with a wingspan of 95 cm and engine target range from .15 to 25. The...

Type: Airplane
Class: Control-Line
Use: Civilian
Motor: Glow-Powered
Wingspan: 37.4 in. / 95 cm
Publisher: AEROBRAS CIRCA 1970
Designer: AEROBRAS
Date: 01/1970
Plan File Info:
ID: 104006
File Size: 5.6 MB
Downloads: 320
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: stg61abc
Added: 20/05/2022 00:42
Updated: 22/07/22 05:22:41am

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Electro Screamer model airplane plan

Electro Screamer  ( 32.5 in. / 82.6 cm )

Model Builder

A high-wing RC Sport model for the HiLine Red Flame Blaster (64mm 50W) fan and 6-cell 500mAh NiCd pack. Lots of scope for modernisation to a high blade count fan and appropriate LiPo pack.

Electro Screamer Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Sport
Motor: Electric-Powered
Wingspan: 32.5 in. / 82.6 cm
Publisher: Model Builder
Designer: Don Belfort
Date: 01/1995
Plan File Info:
ID: 103991
File Size: 2.8 MB
Downloads: 323
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: hlsat
Added: 03/05/2022 11:00
Updated: 04/05/22 12:48:12pm

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Wirbelwind model airplane plan

Wirbelwind  ( 80.7 in. / 205 cm )

Flying Models

For 70mm 12-blade EDF on 3S (comfortable) to 4S (its a rocket!!!!). Alternative installation of Hacker A30 10L motor in the nose with tractor propeller

Wirbelwind Details:
Type: Airplane
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Sport
Motor: Electric-Powered
Wingspan: 80.7 in. / 205 cm
Publisher: FMT
Designer: Wolfgang Werling
Date: 11/2018
Plan File Info:
ID: 103964
File Size: 2.0 MB
Downloads: 685
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: Edward
Added: 10/03/2022 08:36
Updated: 11/03/22 11:23:59am

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Fish Eagle 1500mm model airplane plan

Fish Eagle 1500mm  ( 59.1 in. / 150 cm )

PDF Vector Foam Plans

Own Design Bird of Prey scale model based on the African Fish Eagle. Airframe and parts plan, an intermediate to novice level build requiring some experience and intuition to finish properly. Can be...

Fish Eagle 1500mm Details:
Type: Glider
Class: Radio-Control
Use: Slope
Motor: Not-Powered
Wingspan: 59.1 in. / 150 cm
Publisher: ©FlyMachine Studios 2021-2022
Designer: Darren-Edward O\'Neill
Date: 08/2021
Plan File Info:
ID: 103934
File Size: 624.4 KB
Downloads: 988
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: wingnutzster
Added: 02/02/2022 07:43
Updated: 02/02/22 07:46:36am

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Seamaster 40 model airplane plan

Seamaster 40  ( 59.5 in. / 151.1 cm )

Various American Companies

Plans for the ACE SeaMaster 40 Kit. These vary slightly from the published SeaMaster magazine versions. Very useful if you need them.

Seamaster 40 Details:
Type: Airplane
Use: Sport
Wingspan: 59.5 in. / 151.1 cm
Publisher: Ace R/C
Designer: Ken Willard
Date: 03/1988
Plan File Info:
ID: 103875
File Size: 640.6 KB
Downloads: 271
Comments: 0
Listing Editor: MileHiHerbaFly
Added: 09/12/2021 00:18
Updated: 08/09/22 07:09:40am

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